On this show, Christin Collins explores how to achieve true happiness, meaning, and wellbeing. Christin is a magnetic, thought-provoking influencer who inspires self-awakening. She’s helped thousands connect with their purpose and discover ultimate joy. 

Her relentless pursuit to improve inspired Christin to share the lessons she’s learned. As a purpose practitioner, author and holistic coach, she speaks nationally shedding light on these messages. Described as courageous, provocative, and uncompromising, Christin approaches self-love with curiosity and wonder. It’s her mission to make the world better, one person at a time. 

Self-understanding, care, and actualization are the foundation of this show. When you get to the root cause of the discomfort, the mind and body can heal families, communities, and the world. Knowing and liking oneself is essential for health and happiness. This self-awareness leads to lasting healing and love. 

Join Christin as she speaks with inspiring experts, friends, and community leaders. Find answers to your deep-seated questions and start living in the present moment with clarity and purpose. Tune into Finding The Spark Within today. 

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