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Christin Collins
Find It Within Yourself
Stimulating talks that spark awareness & motivation
Awaken your passion to live, love & be your best

“Christin works with organizations large and small to inspire awakening among their employees, leaders and stakeholders. Through live in-person events including keynote addresses and workshops, she uses her personal experiences to stir curiosity and illuminate inner knowing. Christin shares her story in an authentic way and integrates simple but powerful lessons to help individuals explore how self-love can help them find their optimal wellbeing.

A few of her most popular keynotes include:

  • The Foundation for Transformational Leadership
  • 7 Steps to Rediscover Your Authentic Self
  • From Frazzle to Dazzle: How to Avoid Burnout and Inspire Others
  • Work-Life Balance…You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

Christin is always glad to tailor a custom program to meet your organizations needs and inspire wellness.

Upcoming Engagements

TEDx Tampa 2022: Searching For Health, Happiness and Abundance?

We are diverse individuals with a unique life path and purpose. Our current culture has us looking outside of ourselves to find our health, happiness and wealth. We are never going to find satiation and wholeness outside of ourselves. To experience a life of optimal wellbeing and vibrancy, we must turn inward to reconnect with who we are and why we are here. We must get comfortable in our own skin, and truly love ourselves. Sitting in the present moment, experiencing all of the emotions that bubble up, releasing and heal from the past and things we do not control, and opening up our hearts… we reconnect with who (and why) we are, and know and love ourselves. It is from this place of self-love, care and actualization we can then show up in community. Our stress reduces. We intuitively know how to fuel our mind, body and spirit. We can release judgment of others who are different than us, and not be threatened by these differences. And we can live our life on point, in flow with our unique purpose. We then interconnect at home, at work, and in community as whole beings. The keys to health, happiness and abundance are already inside of us. All we have to do is be. And from this present moment… we can reconnect with our inner knowing and return to love. “be. love.”