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FSW 10 Anthony Cotter | Transform Your Life
Find the Spark Within
Wellness, Health, And Community: How To Transform Your Life With Anthony Cotter


Our experiences and the things we consume can derail us from becoming the ideal person that we could be. So what can you do to transform your life and become a better you? In this episode, Christin Collins talks about personal growth and change with the founder of Whole Life Goals, Anthony Cotter. Anthony shares the struggles of his formative years that shaped him and the creation of Whole Life Goals, a community dedicated to connecting certified professionals to people seeking to increase their health, wealth, and happiness. Join this episode and listen in for more inspiring words as we find the spark within.

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Wellness, Health, And Community: How To Transform Your Life With Anthony Cotter

As always, I love to shed light on other folks who are doing incredible work to help us find that interconnectivity, joy, wholeness, health that already exists inside of us. Our special guest is cool to me because this happens to be a guest that I hadn’t done any particular work with until lately. A lot of my other guests are people I have walked quite a bit of time with. My new friend, Anthony Cotter, is the Founder and CEO of Whole Life Goals, which is a platform that we are going to have him describe to us that helps people live their best life. I became a member to be able to offer my services. Anthony, welcome.

How are you doing? Thank you so much for having me. It’s great. I’m so excited to be here.

As mentioned, it’s super fun for me because as we are going to unfold this conversation, I’m sure I’m going to have some new learnings about you but after crossing with you and learning a little bit about your journey, you are a very special person. Especially for the community that I love to convene with because you have such an interesting journey to get you to now in your passion work, your purpose work. Anthony, would you mind taking us back a bit into some of your early experiences that led you to the work that you are doing now?

It’s funny when I get asked that question. I’m not sure how far back I should go because it has been a journey from a very young age. I will go back, as five years old, where it all started. People usually tend to go back to where the traumatic experience happened because it gets locked in your system, so you can know, “I was this age. This is what happened.” That’s where it is. Around five years old, my mother and father divorced. I moved in with a stepfather who wasn’t very kind. During those times, my mother raised me as a vegetarian from birth. I have never tried meat, fish, poultry or anything like that.

From there, she taught meditation and yoga. She was a yoga instructor so was her sister. Her brothers have gone to India and very deep into the Buddhist scene and all that fun stuff. She has very colorful siblings. The worst stepfather. She passed away when I was nine years old on Christmas Eve. From there, I move into a one-bedroom apartment in Queens with my dad, who is a Vietnam vet and has been self-medicating for decades, and an older brother. If I am 9, he’s 14.

He’s like 9th grade, 10th grade. He’s a violent kid. He’s a tough and a street kid. By the time he’s 18, 19. He’s in and out of Rikers Island. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He has a very tough upbringing. He has been institutionalized now for over 30 years. That is the beginning of the journey. Do you want me to keep going?

I want to hug you virtually now and thank you for your authentic share. I do love your communication on your website. You do share a little bit. Why I would like to weigh in and pause is because part of the work that I’m hoping to inspire is us owning our story and not letting our story define us. What you have described is probably stuff that you don’t ever move totally away from that is part of who you are. You said it previously. It’s embedded in your DNA. I love that you own your story but you don’t let it own you. It becomes your authentic foundation to do the work that you are gifting the world with.

When all things are in harmony, your life becomes the best.

It happened long ago. When I think about it, I think about it in the context of it’s happened to somebody else. I’m reading a book or it’s like, “What a wild adventure.”

Isn’t that what life is, too? Through meditation, mindfulness, and presence, we aren’t those emotions. We are the essence or being that’s experiencing those emotions. That’s what you described. It’s not like you are in denial or dissociating from it. You are contemplative and like, “That’s interesting.” I wanted to get up to speed but this happened. I would love for folks now who read this and are, “He really owns his young journey.” How are some ways that you’ve got to that point where you were able to be comfortable in your own experience and skin?

I will tell you one experience of these little a-ha moments that we go through. This is for fourth grade. I’m in a new school surrounded by kids I don’t know. They don’t know that my mom passed away or why I’m there because she passed away, then you start a new school after the Christmas vacation. I remember this is maybe 2, 3 months prior to my mom passing away.

She’s distraught going through this. I believe it was her cat that died. There’s so much suffering from the connection that she had, where a cat is no longer with us anymore. At that moment, I was like, “Suffering is suffering.” There is no like, “My mom or my dad died.” That’s a higher level of suffering or someone’s goldfish, cat or this loss, this attachment to this thing that’s no longer with us. It’s the same amount and level of suffering. That was an interesting moment.

That’s a beautiful reflection. For heavy trauma, a mother or father dying, or abuse like a heavy trauma, for me, it’s almost easier to wrap your head around suffering and trauma. Something that my beautiful stepdaughter, with who I have done a ton of work with. She is a licensed clinical social worker. She has taught me that there are big Ts and little Ts. Something that may be seemingly not a big deal to you, me or what have you can right place, right time be catastrophic suffering for someone. We have to be mindful of that, for ourselves, where it’s like, “It’s not that big of a deal.” To you, at that time, it was and vice versa.

Something else I want to shed light on that you said, which is important. We have all had trauma. No one has escaped trauma. I don’t know the magnitude according to the Richter scale that someone was. Going back to that triggering event and doing the work to heal, the experience that I had to go through was the reset and went back. That’s something that you are helping people do.

I feel writing is such a unique experience, too. Let’s say ten years later, all these things have happened to you, 20, 30, 50 or whatever. You go back because when you are writing it, you are stringing along with these stories and connecting these dots but you are also reliving it. I left my home when I was young. My brother and my dad are fists fighting each other physically. There was a kick, a glass was thrown, and a pot or someone flipped over the couch. I was like, “I’m done. I’m out.” I grabbed my jacket. Maybe my headphones and hat.

FSW 10 Anthony Cotter | Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life: People tend to go back to where the traumatic experience happened because that’s when it gets locked in your system.


I remember I leave, and the second I’m out the door, it starts pouring rain on me. It was thunderstorming, and I was soaking wet. The holes in my shoes are sucking up the water, and my socks are wet, which is the worst. That whole experience of what to do now, what are the next steps, where do we go from here, and all that stuff. I jump over a fence and knock on a friend’s back door. He thinks someone was robbing the house. He answers it with a shotgun to my head. I’m fourteen years old. He’s up all night doing cocaine. I was like, “I need a floor, dry socks, and I will be fine.” I was there. He gave me socks.

I remember leaving my wet socks right by his bed, and that was it. The next morning, I was out, and the adventure began. Trying to figure out, hanging out with some friends, and not telling them what’s going on, so there won’t be a standoff. It’s seeing where the night flows, so I could maybe sleep by their house, get a bite to eat or something like that. Where this story is going to, these big Ts and little Ts, I’m with a friend and he’s like, “Come by my place.” We get there, and there are relatives there. He was like, “Maybe it’s not a good time to come.” We said goodbye. He goes in the door, and I literally walk out and go into the backyard. I lived in his shed for four months through the winter.

When you are writing out these stories, that little thing that I remember so vividly is I slept in his inflatable raft. He had a pool. I have this yellow inflatable raft, which was my bed. Later on, I brought my bags there of my clothing, which I laid out, which I was always wrinkled and a mess. I covered myself with the umbrella for the table. That was the covering. His mom came in, and it was like 7:00 in the morning.

The door opened, and I stood up. She was startled. She recognized my face. She was like, “Anthony?” I’m like, “Yes.” Her son is at school. She’s like, “He’s not here. Come in. I’m off to work. Make yourself something to eat and stay for as long as you want.” Moms are the best. I made something. I grabbed an iced tea. I remember having an iced tea, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was so embarrassed and I left. Writing is very therapeutic because you could relive and get into the nooks and crannies of it all and release it.

I went through that process. I mailed you a copy of my book. I was talking to someone about the process of writing and how when you are downloading your thoughts and stories, write it for yourself and burn it. To somebody, it doesn’t matter. It’s that action, that activity. I’m in total alignment with you for that. I’m still in awe. I told you this when we first connected. I’m in awe of how you have taken so much at such a young age and turned it into this incredible opportunity. Not only to support yourself but to affect, touch, and inspire so many of us.

Before we hop into the founding of your company and its offerings because it’s tremendous and I’m in total alignment with you, I want to stick in the middle here for a moment because now I’ve got you living in a shed. You have your friend’s mom discover you. You are mortified. You go in and make a PB&J with an iced tea. How are you not self-medicating to the moon? How are you keeping it together? Where did you go from here?

From there, my buddy Nicky sees me at the park because after school, kids go to the park but I am no longer in school. He said, “You could always come to my house. You could always stay. Everything is cool.” That night, not kidding you. It’s probably 11:00 at night, and I am definitely self-medicating through the roof. Drugs, alcohol or whatever you have is fine. It works. I go to the back of the house where he has this extra room. Most of the windows have metal gates on them but one doesn’t. I lift up that window, and the alarm goes off. Now, I am running because I woke up his mom. When things can’t get any worse, they tend to get worse.

If you want sobriety, surround yourself with people that are sober.

Through all those experiences of living on rooftops, park benches, and underneath park benches when it rains. At the playground, there was a castle. Between these two posts, there’s this tunnel. You could sleep in there, and no one could see you. Also, at school buildings. I also sleep at PS 232 on their roof. It’s all these fun adventures. I tell you one thing. As crazy as all of that sounds, I want you and everyone to know, life was so free. There were no rules. If my dad is doing heavy drugs at the house and my brother is running around, I didn’t need to check in anywhere.

There are so many kids on the streets that are like that in New York City that it becomes a community. You find your community. It’s fun. It’s an adventure. It’s amazing, and you don’t know any different. If you compare yourself to all these kids, he turned seventeen, so he gets a new car, and then this kid has new clothes for the holidays or something. Those thoughts and stuff you compare yourself to, then that’s where the suffering starts. It’s in your mind.

I appreciate you bringing that into the space. When I come upon someone old or young, it doesn’t matter, who has a different life situation than I do, I always ponder like, “Where is their family? Do they know where they are? Is this by choice?” There are many interesting thoughts that go through my head, and when there are beautiful people doing a ton of work to help support folks that have a different lifestyle than I do, per se. I appreciate you bringing into this discussion about how it is a community, and you find that community. Take me to a moment when you started shifting your community to be something more to where you are now, and giving you more of the platform to be able to step into your work now.

A lot happened but the idea of why my mother raised me vegetarian, why she taught me meditation, why she taught me yoga, and my uncles and the people that she was around. All these colorful gurus and teachers. I had wild experiences with these gurus at the time. All these little things stayed with me. That was a big thing. Fast forward, as I am drinking a lot and doing stuff. I’m working in a skateboard shop in Manhattan on Chamber Street, West Broadway. My cousin comes in and he’s like, “You’ve got to read this book Diet for a New America by John Robbins.” His dad and uncle started Baskin-Robbins.

I’m reading it, and it’s like how cows are amazing. These dogs are smart, chickens are lovable, and pigs are smarter than dogs. It’s a great story. I’m like, “Fun. Animals.” In the middle of the book, slaughter, kill, torture, and all this stuff. It’s like, “This is crazy.” Who knew how much suffering is in a pint of milk? I didn’t know. You grew up in New York City, and you eat pizza all the time.

The shift then happens there. It’s like, “Am I going to drink 10 gallons of Guinness tonight? Put this in my body now, but then I know I won’t have a slice of pizza.” You start to become aware of what I am going to put in my body and not be hypocritical. That was the first step. It wasn’t the first time because there were pictures in the book and all this stuff. It was real-time that I said, “I have to think about why would my mom raise me this way?” That book was the catalyst for sure.

What a beautiful reflection and I love those stories when something comes back, and it makes sense. Decades later I’m like, “I met that person many years ago, and I had that experience. I guess I wasn’t ready for it or it becomes foundational.” I, too, entered into this space that I’m in through the idea of food and becoming vegan, which I still am now.

FSW 10 Anthony Cotter | Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life: Writing is definitely very therapeutic. You could relive and get into the nooks and crannies of it all and release it.


My husband and I have been for many years. It opened the door to understanding not only literally what I’m consuming but emotionally, hormonally, these animals being slaughtered. That was my first entree into a holistic lifestyle, so I’m with you. Bring us up to you launching your platform, your company, and your concept of it being a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Take us there.

There are four aspects of the website, which are movement, meals, mind and money. It was decades. For me, my movement was becoming a certified yoga teacher. That’s my movement catalyst but there are personal trainers, Zumba teachers and Pilates instructors. That’s movement. For meals, it was being a certified raw food chef, which was an amazing experience. That’s my meal.

Mind, I became a meditation teacher for the juvenile hall system with a group called Mind Body Awareness Project. I taught in Oakland, San Francisco and San Rafael. The money aspect, again, another decade later, I became an institutional broker for a company called Collins Stewart. When all those things were in harmony, my life was the best.

To your point, harmony and balance, wherever you enter the wheel of wellbeing or health, or happiness and wholeness. When you start getting good at one, let’s say you are good at eating but you are sitting on your butt, mess financially and thoughts are overwhelming you, you start to then understand, “There’s got to be something else because I’m eating well but I’m still off.” I’m on that constant pendulum swing of, “I’m off. Where do I need to inflate my wheel?” I love your holistic approach to that. What was your vision behind offering these four components to the community through your website?

I will take you through how the site works. When you enter the site as someone with a goal, it says, “What is your goal?” It’s broken down to those four things, and then the answers or the selections you can use are very generic. For meals, it’s losing weight and so on. For movement, it’s like, “Become stronger, flexible, fit or train for an event.” It’s very generic that you can click through. Once you click through, then more opened up, and you go through the section. When it gets to the bottom of that, there’s another tab that says traumatic experiences.

This is a very unique way of connecting people because when the practitioner joins, we ask instead of, “What is your goal, what do you specialize in?” They clicked Movement, Meals, Mind, Money, and they click through the same thing, and we connect them. We are offering a way to connect people through traumatic experiences. You don’t need to divulge your experience but you can click through it. I have been bankrupt, divorced, community violence, military trauma, which is a very big one or vaccine issues. There are a lot of mental and physical issues with that.

You go through your experiences. If they have an effect on your ability to move forward, if they pose an obstacle in your life now, then I want to connect you with someone who went through a similar life experience or focuses solely on that one field. In AA and other places like that, their saying is, “If you want what we have, you’ve got to come here and get it.” Meaning if you want sobriety, surround yourself with people that are sober, and you will find sobriety as well.

It’s amazing what happens when you are mindful of what you can consume through your senses.

It is a life hack in that way to find that community, “You went through a divorce. You are 50 pounds overweight. You are sitting on the couch.” What if you were matched with somebody that is, “I have been through what you have been through. I had no motivation. I couldn’t get off the couch. I was depressed but now I have done X, Y and Z.” Now, you don’t have to search. They figured it out. That’s the person I want to connect you with. They are going to have the most compassion for your situation because they have been there. That’s the basis. That’s the heart of the website.

As a connector by heart myself, when you get to make that connection of two people or entities that get together that can both grow, even as the teacher, I now have signed up to be a practitioner on your platform. The joy and the clarity that it brings me when I’m working with someone. I have a-has. I have takeaways. That’s why for practitioners, it’s also a huge benefit not only to be able to put out to the world you are offering, your life’s purpose but also to get that joy, to get that deeper understanding of yourself by holding space for someone else.

As a connector, I feel like I’m a connector as well. There is such excitement, gratitude, and just so thankful when you get to connect somebody with whatever it is. You get to connect somebody with a great book, documentary, teacher or whatever, and then their transformation. I’m sure that it’s all ego-related. They turned around and they were like, “Thank you so much.” It lights me up. It feels so good that I want to do more of it.

How do I serve more people? How do I help more people? How do I connect with more people? It’s because you get that jolt of love or awesomeness. It’s the same way when you see somebody that you give them $20 or $5 on the street. You are paying for that experience, as weird as it sounds. You only think about it later in life.

You give them that money, and they are happy. I could go eat some apples or do whatever. That felt good to give. A student asked Neem Karoli Baba, “What’s the way to enlightenment?” His response was, “To feed people.” They said, “What’s the way to God?” He said, “Serve people.” That stays with me. It stays with you, and it’s a blessing to be able to do those things and connect.

I’m going to digest the ego part. That’s something that I, in hindsight, did when I was being of service. It was the ego but ironically, it wasn’t the ego because I wanted other people to like me or accept me or think I was awesome or something. It was, so I would like her to accept myself, which was a mind blow. When I figured that out a few years ago, I was like, “That’s weird and deep and not healthy.” Now, what happened when you were describing that in my head was when I am connecting or being connected, I’m in the flow.

We are all interconnected. We are designed to be interconnected. When we are disconnected, that’s when we have dis-ease, whether it’s from the self we are disconnected or you and I, or one another. I find that euphoria that I get from connecting when I am connecting from that place of wholeness. Not so that I like me but I’m being me. I’m living my authentic, true, highest self, then I’m in flow, and when I get darn excited about breathing.

FSW 10 Anthony Cotter | Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life: Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth

When you are in that state, you are aware of all those little synchronicities and little things that pop. You get a thought in your head. You turn to the radio, and the same thought is now being fed back to you in a song or you are having a conversation and someone else. That energy is like, “I’m in the right place at the right time. It’s happening. I’m noticing it. I’m feeling it.” It’s also a space of no thought, of flow. I feel like that’s the most important.

The beauty of it is the space of no thought, the download or the consciousness could flow into your system when you are in the space of no thought. That’s that flow state. All the great sports players, Michael Jordan and everyone, they talk about it, so it’s true. It can happen anywhere at any time. It has nothing to do with playing sports but it is a rush that people get addicted to. That’s why they jump out of planes and skydive because there’s no thought. You are in this state of this oneness because it is that state. It’s beautiful.

Your platform helps people get into that balance to be able to get into the present. Release the past, stop talking about the future, be here now, and be able to receive those synchronicities. For folks who are listening through the show platform, go back a few episodes, 2 or 3 episodes, because I had the divine pleasure of connecting with Dr. Ken Harris, who’s the author of a book called Synchronicity. His whole platform is about when you are present, you can experience. They are happening all the time. You miss them a lot when you are not here now. That’s one of my favorite things is when I’m in the flow and I’m feeling them all, I reach out to Ken. I’m like, “I’m seeing those synchronicities everywhere.”

Anthony, I have to tell you, I feel like crossing with you is synchronicity. It was something that I was very excited about the opportunity because again, you create an environment to support people, to find their holistic approach to their life goals, to do the healing work, to set those goals on this gorgeous platform. Where can people access this so that they can work on their whole life goals?

It’s WholeLifeGoals.com. Normally, the platform is $10 a month but we want everyone to join. We want great healers, teachers, mentors and coaches. If you want to join for free for a year, there’s a promo code, which is WLG4U, and it would be free for a year and $10 a month after that or they could join up as WLGFriends and it’s $2.99 a month for the lifetime of forever because the $2.99 helps us because we are adding so much all the time. You are being an early adopter and jumping on helping us. We want to keep promoting you.

That’s the excitement for me is finding the person that has these unique healing modalities and is like, “I will find people that need exactly what you’re doing.” That is what I love to do. I’m so excited about doing it and doing this, podcasts and talk. I love it all. This is fantastic. Thank you so much because if it weren’t for you doing it, then I wouldn’t be here sharing it. It’s incredible.

Again, synchronicity. I started the little donation now because I was like, “It’s not going to make a mortgage payment for anybody.” I wanted to exchange my gratitude energetically for you holding space so that I can put out to folks to support their journey. That’s for practitioners. Do you have any modalities or any areas where you need some additional practitioners to get involved, and for a whole year, could it be for free? Are there any holes that we want to put out there because there are a lot of different people who are reading to this who practice what you may need?

When you’re feeling good and doing good, it’s easy to pass it along.

It’s all needed because, as a coach, you are going to bring your unique experience to it. The matching will happen. We need coaches from all walks of life. We need people that meet each other face-to-face because you can’t get a massage online, and you can’t go to a chiropractor online. We need more of that. You could do a yoga class through video but if you travel to the person’s house or the person travels to you or stuff like that, we need more boots on the ground like neurofeedback, biofeedback, acupuncture and acupressure. There are so many people doing amazing things.

That’s what I’m excited about promoting these beautiful, amazing healers and beings. That’s the best. I remember teaching yoga and working in yoga studios. A lot of the yoga teachers were lawyers, and they teach on the weekends or work in the office, then they do this. They were like, “I want to do this full-time. How can I do this full-time?” We are creating a healthy workforce because the more customers, the more people I could get to connect you with, then you are like, “I could do this full-time or I am doing this full-time. This was supporting me.”

A huge goal of mine is to support these amazing people. On the other side is someone that has a goal. Once they connect and the transformation happens, they are that light. Their transmitter-receiver is going off, and they feel good about themselves. Maybe they lost that 20 pounds. Now, they are at the grocery store. They smile at the next person. That little ripple effect happens throughout every community. The more people you can help in your community, the more that ripple effect can continue throughout the world. That’s the macro vision of the site, which is to connect more people.

There’s a saying on the site that we go back and it’s, “Surrounding yourself with the right people changes everything.” Look at my community when I was on the streets. I’m going to be around. We are going to drink. We are going to figure out a way to make money, so then we can get drugs or drinks and party. You can also surround yourself with people that are doing yoga, drinking green juice, doing all these cool things, and that’s your community. That vibration stays with you. It ripples out. Nothing negative can stick to you when you are alkaline, feeling good and doing good. It’s easy to pass it along. I have grown up in New York City. I’ve got on the raw food diet for three years, and I couldn’t vibe anymore.

New York, she kicked me out, “No, you are going with the nut jobs in California.” That’s where the vibration was for me. I always felt at home and safe in New York no matter where I was but in California, I felt like, “Wow.” My vibration was different, and I matched up, and those synchronicities happened more because my vibration was different. It’s amazing what happens when you are mindful of what you consume through your senses, through your TV.

Am I going to keep repeating the same reality TV show? When something happens in life, I have all those comebacks that are on this auto-response program. You shut the TV off, then you stop listening to maybe heavy metal music, punk music or gangster rap because of those become mantras in your head. You are walking down the street. Maybe different synchronicities and you meet a person. It’s being mindful of what you consume, what you put in your mouth, nose, ears, and all of that stuff.

Once again, I’m in alignment with you. When we are whole in the flow and present, we attract, and we are aware of what we are attracting, it’s quite a different experience. For some, and at times, for me too, it’s sad when you know there’s transition and you are not in flow anymore. I’m not as in flow with our favorite city together any longer. Now, I was there and I’m like, “I’m glad to be back but it’s different or I’m different.” I appreciate you shedding light on that. Those things change and that’s okay. Before I land this plane, I would love to spotlight folks who maybe aren’t practitioners of any particular trade.

FSW 10 Anthony Cotter | Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life: Be mindful of what you consume, what you put in your mouth, what you are putting in your nose, ears, and all of that stuff.


By the way, there are a lot of amazing folks who are in the community, who do have offerings. They are solopreneurs like you described. I was one where I had my full-time job, yet there was a calling. It is hard to make that leap. I appreciate you helping all of us who are transitioning, maybe from a corporate role or a 40-hour workweek, into something that’s more purpose-driven. My question is, if you don’t have an offering but you would like to work on your life goals from a place of wholeness and balance, walk us through how to use your offering as a member versus a practitioner.

As I said, it’s super easy. You go in, send your email and verify it. It brings you directly to the general information tab. Your age or this and that sheet that you are filling out, that’s what we are going to give to the practitioner, so they know about you because we are not a directory of people. We provide a service. We matched people. If you want a female massage therapist and not a male therapist, you have to put that on there. That changes the algorithm, and it helps us give you a better match.

That’s a very quick fill-out. Once that page is done, then it goes to what are your goals? Let’s say, “I’m going to be in the meals category.” After you click the meals category and you click one, another one opens up. There’s also cleansing in there as well. Maybe you weren’t thinking about colon hydrotherapist, Ayurvedic healing or maybe I will do a juice cleanse. People mail your juices.

People could come to your house and teach you how to do these juices. There’s so much to offer and much that people do. I used to do that for people. I used to take them shopping. I said, “Go into their kitchen. Throw away all their sugar. Throw all these products, then take them to a place like Whole Foods,” and be like, “This was your product. We are going to switch it out with this one. You drink this, I’m going to teach you how to make almond milk. You did this, I’m going to teach you how to do that.” That was my job.

When you go to the site, it says, “Go food shopping together, click and that’s it.” You click that button, and you find someone that could do with you. It’s simple. On the website, I literally do it in three minutes. I’m talking very slowly. I’m clicking through the buttons. It took 3 minutes and 13 seconds, and you will be matched with a whole bunch of people. The top ones are the ones that you are matched with more but you can scroll through them all and click on them. You have direct messages. If you don’t want to schedule an appointment yet, you could send videos or pictures, “This is what I’m going through.”

You could talk, they could contact. “That person I didn’t like. Let me try someone else.” You could contact that next person. We don’t take a percentage of any of the money when you have a session. It doesn’t matter to us who you pick, as long as you find someone that you want to work with, we are psyched about that. There’s a calendar. Click the date and time. Some practitioners give a fifteen-minute free consultation, so you can talk and see if you are a good match, a good fit. There’s so much to do on there. There’s a lot.

As I said, I have only done it now from the practitioner side but you are walking me through as a member. A couple of people in Southwest Florida, where I live, took me grocery shopping almost a decade ago. In hindsight, now it makes me giggle but literally the same experience. I couldn’t even spell quinoa. I didn’t understand that you have to boil water to cook it.

I, too, needed that love and kindness from someone who very patiently took me through a grocery store. Mine was in a group setting through the first program I ever went through, and it was wildly helpful. It brought back great memories for me, Anthony. Thank you for that. If folks had additional questions for you within your website or without your website, are there ways that folks can follow you or connect with you?

I would love it if someone had a goal and would eat. You can email me personally, it’s AC@WholeLifeGoals.com or if you didn’t want to talk to me personally and you want to talk to somebody else to get some support, you can do Info@WholeLifeGoals.com. You can ask any questions you want, and we will figure something out for sure.

Anthony, thank you so much for being such an authentic, beautiful and bright light. There’s no doubt that the synchronicity of us crossing has warmed me and inspired me. I hope that folks that have been able to hear this content can access your offering and be able to work on their own whole goals. It’s a beautiful thing that you are offering.

Thank you so much. I seriously appreciate you being here and doing this and how we found each other. It is all meant to be because if you weren’t doing this, I wouldn’t be here sharing it.

It’s my pleasure. I hope you enjoyed meeting my new friend, Anthony Cotter, and I’m looking forward to working through his website to connect with many of you. Until next time, I hope that you find that spark within and own your own journey, wellness, wellbeing because all of those answers that you are looking for are already inside of you. We will see you soon. Thanks so much, and until next time, be loved. Bye.

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