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Presence Package - $50 Signed book and 4 recorded meditations
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Her Phoenix Rising

Her Phoenix Rising; A Journey to Health & Healing through Self-Love, explores the mind/body connection and the quest for optimal wellbeing. Author Christin Collins thought she was doing everything she could to live a vibrant and healthy life; but still, great health eluded her.

Christin takes us on her non-traditional journey to uncover the root cause of her ailments. Along the way, she discovers that knowing and loving herself is essential to good health and the foundation for optimal wellbeing. In Her Phoenix Rising, Christin shares stories that show her process towards healing, revealing timely connections with diverse people who each teach her lessons formative to her growth.

You will love this book if you have an inner longing that you cannot put your finger on, are curious and open to personal growth, or strive to live freely without judgement, and welcome living a life of optimal wellbeing.

Advance Praise for Her Phoenix Rising

“I couldn’t put this book down, it kept me breathless! I could understand it and apply the ideas to my life as I see fit and when I am open to do so.” — Colleen Fitzgerald, Cousin, Soul Twin, Friend Since Birth and Maid of Honor (twice)

“Her Phoenix Rising gives readers that rare opportunity to learn through experiencing a pouring out of authentic, relatable experiences. Christin Collins rises and inspires us all to do the same in our own unique ways. It’s a read you can pick up over and over again – each time a new insight emerges.” — Sarah Owen, President and CEO, Collaboratory

“Christin Collins’s path is one of a kind. It entertains, encourages, and makes it possible for more of us to rise as well, ushering in the sacred feminine. Reading her resounding ‘YES!’ to the Universe inspires me to rise even higher.” — Susan Lucci, Soulful Facilitator, Purpose Guide, Circle Tender

“This journey through heartbreak and renewal shows us that life is neither a straight line from A to B, nor an indecipherable mess, but rather a pattern that must be woven together, over and over again, with intention, support and care. Christin Collins shows us that the journey to self-love is not about positivity and affirmations, but by being brave enough to sustain one’s stare into the darkness.” — Brandon Peele, Founder of Unity Lab and Council Member for Global Purpose Leaders