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When we know ourselves, we unlock true happiness and freedom. And the best part – the answers for self-love and care lie inside of all of us. The foundational insights of knowing and loving oneself have been shaped by my role as a healthcare executive and my personal healing experience. I hope they help you be your BEST YOU, fully connected with yourself and your universe.


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Interconnected Wellbeing Advocate | Global Thought Leader | Health & Wellness Executive | Author | Philanthropist | Purpose Practitioner

Have you asked yourself “is this all there is?” Contemplated “what’s the purpose of all of this?” Yep, me too. Smack dab in the middle of my life, I found myself going through a modern-day mid-life crisis. I had it all – loving marriage, successful career, tropical vacations. And yet, I felt like I was perpetually on a gerbil wheel, spinning round and round and round, with no clear destination in sight.

My body and mind were out of sync, but I accepted these feelings, this ill health as my new normal. Even though I worked in health care, the solutions shared with me were unable to release the hold stress had over me. This self-realization caused me to pause. And these questions opened the path to an incredible journey of healing, optimal wellbeing and ultimately, self-love.

As I shared my experiences, I realized many were at a similar crossroads. Our identity is often interwoven with our service to others, which diminishes our ability to live fully and completely. We lose touch with ourselves and our essence. My purpose became clear – to inspire awakening. To stir curiosity and illuminate inner knowing. To support you as you begin your unique journey.


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“Christin Collins is a dynamic and thought-provoking leader. Her focused energy and commitment to helping one grow into their best selves is evident in all she says and does. This is one truly inspirational and motivating woman!”

Joanna Salerno

“Christin is a bright spark in the universe and embodies extraordinary passion and brilliance. Her devotion to bringing people together and healing through love inspire me to stay grounded in my purpose.”

Andy Swindler

co-founder of Feel Real

“Christin is ever present and impactful with her curiosity, generosity, authenticity, connectivity, giving, joyfulness, love of life, living in the moment, purposefulness, helpfulness, selflessness, awareness. Christin is always raising the bar on herself and rising.”

Corinne Wyard


Find It Within Yourself

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