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FSW 12 | Heart Abundance
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Pulling Your Hand Into Your Heart: Manifesting The Power Of Abundance With Debbie Helena


There are many different types of wealth, and it’s not just all about money. One of those types is abundance and you need to learn how to manifest that. Learn that abundance comes from the heart with Christin Collins as she joins Debbie Helena, a certified Clarity Catalyst and Empowerment Coach. Debbie teaches people how to integrate mindfulness tools into their everyday life to overcome obstacles. Join in the conversation to really understand the true meaning of abundance. Discover why it comes from the inside and how you can find your truth. Put your hand in your heart today!

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Pulling Your Hand Into Your Heart: Manifesting The Power Of Abundance With Debbie Helena

This will be the first special edition that has been put together. I had an opportunity to participate in a conference about financial abundance, posted by a transformation leader, friend, mentor, and guide, Debbie Helena. Debbie invited me to be a part of her series, helping people to get in touch with financial abundance. I was very blessed to have a conversation with Debbie to talk about what is abundance, its tie to financial material stuff, and why it is important. How are we attracting abundance? Is it from the head or the heart? What are we trying to satiate?

It was an incredible journey for me to be hosted by Debbie and have this dialogue unfold. I asked permission to put it out as a special edition of the show. I know you will enjoy this conversation with Debbie. I hope that it helps you find that spark within you so that you can achieve and receive the abundance you are birthed to enjoy, coming from the heart and not the head. Enjoy.

I’m welcoming you with an open heart and open arms. This is going to be a fantastic conversation. We don’t know where this is going to go. This is unplanned as far as content, but we never have a conversation that is not heartfelt, full of value, uplifting, and life-giving. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into my beautiful and brilliant mentor and friend, Christin Collins. She is an Interconnected Wellbeing Advocate. I’m going to let you explain to our audience what that means to you and what that title represents.

Debbie, thank you for having me. I’m watching you blossom into the beautiful Lotus flower that I have always known and seen. I am forever grateful for our shared journey that has been going on quite some time in all different lanes, and this one is no different. When I left healthcare and had decided I was going to step out as an entrepreneur to try to spread a message of well-being that was more authentic to me and not reparative, but instead holistic.

The words when I was titling my role in my new entrepreneurial company came up as Interconnected Wellbeing Advocate. I can’t stop laughing when I hear it because who titles them that? Founders and CEOs are normal words. Instead, it made so much sense to me because how I feel about life and well-being is that it is an interconnected experience, starting with self. It doesn’t make any sense to interconnect with others not coming from a place of wholeness, so we interconnect with ourselves. Therefore, we can interconnect with others and how we get there. It is from a space of wellbeing and I advocate for that. That is my crazy title.

It is so not crazy how aligned we are in the words we chose for our titles. It is no accident. We are here in this series, sharing about women and wealth. Wealth does not have to just be about money. There is an abundance of beauty, health, and wealth. That wealth can relate to any area of your life. It can be your health, finances, love, or healing. It can be anything, even if it is in nature.

Wealth doesn’t always mean money. It can relate to any area of your life, from your health to your healing.

I would love to go there with you because we have had many conversations. Your beautiful book, Her Phoenix Rising, I would like to read something to you from the beginning that struck me and it is part of why so many people are so drawn to you because you are so authentic. You share vulnerably and specifically say, “There is no shame. I’m opening up and letting you see inside where I have been, what I have been through, and how I have gotten on the other side of that.” It is powerful. I would like to let everybody have a sneak peek, so those of you that don’t have her book, get that.

You say that you had it all. In the middle of your life, you found yourself going through a modern-day midlife crisis. Years in hot pursuit of happiness, wealth, tropical vacations, fancy things, a loving marriage, and all the glitter and gold that we pursue during our time on this planet. You go on, “Have you ever been on vacation, but instead of being present and enjoying it, you were planning your next trip, or three weeks after bringing home that upgraded car and you were thinking it was the best thing ever, you are starting to already fantasize about your next one?” That was you.

The minute you obtained that new purse or drink and that very delicious and expensive bottle of wine, you were thinking, “What’s next?” You are always hungrier and you were never satisfied. You began to ask yourself some questions once you were aware of that. Once you had that awareness, you said, “What is the purpose of all of this? Why are we here? Is this all there is?” You took a pause and you led into learning to know love and forgive yourself and those that hurt you.

You are releasing others from being judged, sitting in the present moment, and letting go of what you can’t control. That is one of the hardest things anybody ever gets through. You found your interconnectivity, voice, and wisdom. You shared your beautiful, healing stories in your book without shame, sadness, or ego. That’s 100% true. It is on every page and every word. I would love it if you would open up wherever you are guided to share with us about that journey, because I know there are women reading this that are not struggling financially, and they are not happy. I would love for you to serve us with your wisdom and experience. 

What I’m immediately wanting to express is gratitude. I have never been in conversation with someone who read my book back to me. That was a very interesting, dynamic, and divine experience. It is very different hearing it back than it is expressing, so thank you for that. That summary does summarize the journey thus far for many of us.

I appreciate your offering to support people to manifest abundance, with the theme being financial. People want more money and know what to do with their money. I’m not proud. It is not braggadocious. I don’t walk around saying, “I had it all. Poor me. What is the point of all this?” That is gross but I know that I did have those experiences for this reason. It is to talk about how do we have things.

FSW 12 | Heart Abundance

Heart Abundance: Learn how to know love and forgive yourself and those that hurt you. Release others from being judged and sit in the present. That is how you find interconnectivity.


I’m still standing here in Gucci loafers, but I don’t need my loafers to try to bring me joy. I still drink wine often. I don’t have to guzzle the wine to try to satiate something insatiable so that is important. A gift that you are giving people who are drawn to this content is about what is abundance. I thank the universe for taking me from a child who was middle-class, if not lower middle class, whose dad was always struggling and working for those with more.

I walked around saying, “This will be me someday. I will be a member of this club.” I was a member of all those clubs, ate at all of those restaurants, and went on all those trips. They were super great and I was with great people, but as the book shared, there was still always this never present. I was blessed, and I call it a blessing, to wake up to this because I made myself physically ill from the auto-immune issues of chronic fight or flight trying to control, attain, and achieve.

That blessed my wake-up call, and I applaud those who are not needing to have that outside experience like I did. To get into the abundance piece, what is wealth? What do I need? The manifestation of abundance can still be things, but if it is only about the things, we are missing the boat. My question back is, where are we manifesting the abundance from?

There is the missing piece in there, and it is going within. Everything starts from the inside and looking at that. What void are you trying to fill? What are you trying to numb? What emotions do you not want to allow to come forth? When we stuff those with whatever it is, like shopping, wine, Netflix, donuts, or whatever it is, we are stuffing it down and keeping it in there. That is where disease begins in our bodies. It manifests in many different forms, but it is that avoidance, unwillingness, to know, and learn that you are safe to look at that because we are not guided to that knowing. People don’t tell us that. It is not talked about. It is just glossed over. 

That is the meat. I was told my heart wasn’t even in my body. On the outside, I had great relationships but they were not full. I could never be satisfied. This is the bad news. It took me 3 to 4 years of major introspection to understand this. We don’t have to get a PhD, put $1 million in the bank, or climb a mountain. It is the awareness of this and the opening to it. It is sitting, being, and getting in touch with the heart. Manifesting the abundance from the heart is what is going to satiate, so that we will attract beautiful things, gorgeous experiences, and amazing people still, but from a different space. It is not from our ego or our head but the interconnected authenticity of our hearts.

The manifestation of abundance can still be material things. But if it’s only about those things, you’re completely missing the boat.

What came up for me when you shared is that when you go into your heart and get out of your head and ego, you have shifted your energy and vibration. You are more aligned with your higher and true self. That is when this gateway or portal opens, and those people start coming into your life that you are meant to interact or connect with. That is when like-minds find each other and healing begins because you find somebody that can help or support you in what you are doing. This is what I see that happened for you. You went there then the universe answered and they brought you people.

Can you tell us how did this happen? Who was one of the first people that appeared for you, and before they appeared, what had happened? Had you prayed? Had you cried? Had you sat there and asked yourself these questions? Were you like, “What is this all about?” What happened next that brought that person into your life? When you look back and people can see that door open, it is just a sliver. You had let the light in, but you stayed out of alignment and kept following the breadcrumbs. 

I want to preface what came up for me. My purpose in this life is to inspire awakening. I have spent a lot of time on this journey. My role is to be a light for others so they don’t have to go through what I have been through. My answer is different from what I’m hoping will be your answer based on your opening up to this information. I’m hoping that I’m drawn to your life so I can help you on your journey to support your process. The people were there and I knew the why. It wasn’t just coming together and happening, and that was because I was still super headstrong.

I will go back to bringing Deepak Chopra to Southwest Florida, which I know you were almost with us on. That was a manifestation that was very headstrong. These people need to hear this man. I’m going to help them but it was all from up here. I was present and inflow, but I was not in it because my heart was not open. That was years ago. This whole time, I met beautiful people that I have attracted that are helping me on my journey. I truly got there not so long ago because those perfect people guided me to host a gathering that made me very uncomfortable. I couldn’t see and feel it but I felt inauthentic. I finally let go and I felt like I was guided to show up that day.

The people who needed to be in that room were in that room. People coming towards this energy are the people I can almost not keep up with it. I wake up every day, and they are like, “Let’s have this conversation.” I’m like, “Yes, please.” The moral of that story is it is so simple, and even when you know that it is out there yet it doesn’t make sense, your only role is in the letting go and asking yourself, “Am I doing this or am I being this?”

Think about a person who is authentically inflow from the heart tracting abundance and that could often be wealth because that gives them more resources to spread love. This person brought up Michael Jordan, and Michael Jordan is poetry on a basketball court. That man is meant to play basketball. He is inflow. Nobody works harder than him. Tom Brady is the same thing. Nobody works harder than Tom Brady, but he is on point inflow from his heart.

FSW 12 | Heart Abundance

Heart Abundance: When you do go into your heart, you get out of your head and your ego. You’ve shifted your energy and you’re more aligned with your true self. And, that’s when like-minded people find each other.


I love those outside examples of someone who is heart-based. Manifesting abundance from a place of wholeness doesn’t mean you are not working, but you are working for the right reasons and when we are manifesting abundance from the heart, the universe does attract things you don’t even know you can have or want to have to help you. It takes you on this trajectory to do your authentic heart-based purpose work because when you are in flow because we are interconnected, consciousness is rising. We are all helping to get inflow.

I love that analogy. It is that when the tide rises, it raises all the ships. We are all connected and all from the same source. I know we are not going to go down that rabbit hole in this episode, but there is a lot to be said for that and a lot of people don’t recognize that. I will take a couple of steps in that direction. For me, I feel the most abundant when I am outside in nature, by the water, among the trees, and watching the birds.

I saw a picture of a dragonfly up close. Someone shared it on social and I was on the verge of tears because when you zoom in, you can see the pattern in the wings and the magnificent colors. There was this blue that I don’t even know if I have ever seen a blue that profound before. Underneath it was this pattern of blue and then this black. I’m looking at this dragonfly and having this surreal moment of gratitude at how abundant and magnificent the world is. When you stop and look at that, people don’t pause and look at anything like that. They keep going and doing, but they are not being. 

I love that you brought a dragonfly into this space. I have a beautiful girlfriend who is going to be with me at my upcoming summit, and she has got the dragonfly effect. It is all about breath work and being. It is called the Science of Happiness, where I was bombarded with between what is the ROI and the data. I’m like, “It just is.” I’m giggling because science is coming to me talking about interconnectivity and what is abundance. I’m taking this class online at Yale. It is teaching about what is satiation, what are you seeking, and why are you seeking it.

Simultaneously, Marianne Williamson shared something to bring in the new year. It talked about the industrial revolution and how we shifted to this piece of work stuff. It is an economy based on consumerism and materialism as we know and it shows that we are less happy than we were with fewer conveniences and opportunities than we are now because we are so disconnected. I love hearing from you about nature. It is interesting because I was like, “What is it for me?” I love nature. Do you know we have beaches in Florida? We try to go to the beach once a week to put our feet in the sand. I hadn’t been to the beach for a long time.

Nature is one of my paths, but for me, when I’m bringing this into this space intentionally, this great pause that we are going through of all these questioning, disconnect, and fear is the opportunity to weigh what is important to me. When I now connect with friends, I am present. I am so happy to see you, and I also don’t connect with people if I know I’m not going to be happy or we are going to talk about things that don’t inspire me any longer.

Michael Jordan is just poetry on a basketball court because he puts all his heart out there.

For me, the peace and tranquility I found during this great pause was one of downsizing. We have untethered from a lot of stuff. We still have a big old storage unit that we are untethering from. I bring that into this space because as you walk your path each day, is that stuff enjoyable? Is that bringing you joy, or is it sucking the life out of you?

My previous homestead, which was glorious and cherished the time of holding ceremony space like gatherings, family, or holidays, was a great chapter for me, but now, our kids are gone and they are going to have kids. David and I are untethered to free up to get into experiences and support them in a different way. For me, less is more. I’m going to have that one thing that I love versus 40 of them which I don’t appreciate.

The Science of Happiness talks about that. When it talks about how we think like, “This is going to make me happy. I’m going to achieve this,” it helps us understand that we lose our joy in it because it sticks around. That dopamine excitement, joy, or love fade over time because they are impermanent anyway. The experiences are what will make us happy. That is what will bring us satiation, abundance, and joy.

When I heard that in my class, I was like, “Yes,” because I would rather spend my wealth on a shared experience and not even a solo experience, and the stuff, where they are like, “That is a great car.” I’m like, “Thank you. I love it,” and then now it sits in my driveway dirty with a ding in it. My husband was like, “Are you going to clean this thing?” I’m like, “Maybe. I’m busy.” I bring in the thought process of stuff versus experience as my way of connecting with love and joy.

That is very aligned with me as well. I would much rather have a gift of an experience than an actual physical item. When you talked about that dopamine hit, what popped into my mind when you said that is we already have an internal pharmacy that provides that. It doesn’t have to be all that external. Pulling your hand to your heart releases that, endorphins are released. A simple way to have joy at any moment is to pull your hand to your heart, and then you have already released that chemical in your body. How powerful is that? How powerful are each one of us?

We don’t even know our power. You have to put your hand on your heart and shift just like that. We realize that is a guiding force. Your heart is pulling you in from within, and that is what you did. You did that work of sitting and going within to find peace and let go realizing that it is safe to let go and let God. Surrender yourself whatever that means to you.

FSW 12 | Heart Abundance

Heart Abundance: You can feel the most abundant when you’re outside in nature. You’ll see just how magnificent the world really is. And, people don’t pause to look at that, they keep going and doing.


This is so amazing. We didn’t know where this conversation was going. I know there are people out there that are reading this. It can be one person that you are sharing your story with, and you will never see the ripple that you are creating now. You will never know that ripple. That is so magnificent and beautiful that we all have that potential. This is glorious. Is there anything else that is coming up for you on your journey that you feel needs to be shared at this moment? 

There are so many things I want to share, but I want to be respectful of your time. I’m so appreciative of this opportunity. I will bring into this space what you said which is the finding it within, and that is the abundance piece. That is the manifestation from the heart. A great book that I was gifted is Into the Magic Shop by Dr. Doty. He is a neuroscientist at Stanford. I was like, “Here is a doctor guy. This will be a great read for me.” I’m not in alignment with a lot of clinicians because they approach well-being in a different way than I have experienced. I highly recommend that book. It is a great example of what we have talked about, where abundance is lots of wealth.

I’m not going to ruin the book for you but his lessons are where did all that come from. It was an a-ha moment and an outside-of-self experience. I’m like, “ That is what Doty said.” Check that book out. To get back to finding it within like Interconnected Wellbeing Advocate, Bubbled Up is my title. I laughed and was like, “I don’t even know what that means, but I know that is my title.”

Around the same time, the tag of my company, Find it Within Yourself, I didn’t know what that meant but I knew that was it. As I step into that understanding, it is a summation of what you said and what works that you and I are completely in alignment doing. It is you are never going to find it outside ever, whether it is money, relationship, or health, and I have had to get comfortable.

When I’m in a room, as I was for years in healthcare, where I’m sitting around a boardroom table and listening to the conversation, I’m like, “This is not what I think or feel,” but I’m not going to raise my hand and be like, “Everyone, what are you talking about?” I didn’t have the confidence. I didn’t have the acronyms after my name. It wasn’t the space for me to speak up, so what I would like to conclude on my side is this inner knowing. You said it. We have the medicine and the answers inside of A) Get in touch with your inner knowing by being still and B) Trust your inner knowing. I did not see my answer anywhere around me. I wasn’t like, “That’s what she is doing.”

A simple way to have joy in any moment is to pull your hand to your heart.

I was naked, alone, sad, scared, and a total misfit outsider from this cocoon that I was in of abundance when it came to relation. I have learned to be comfortable with my inner knowing, and then the next step once you get in touch with that, you are like, “That is not what I think. I feel this way and no one else does.” I’m going to save all of you years of embarrassment. You don’t have to rent out a hall, a billboard, or get on a podcast and vomit your truth to try to convince others to see what you see because I tried that for years and got very frustrated.

It is how I see it and my way. My truth is my truth for me, and somebody else’s truth is somebody else’s truth for them. I’m not to be threatened by the fact that I’m the only person at that moment, or there are only three of us at this moment seeing it in that capacity. Be comfortable and be the lighthouse. You will attract who you are supposed to and when you are supposed to because you are supposed to. You don’t have to impede or be threatened by others because there is enough room for all of us.

It is in our differences where the tension lies that we can know who we are. They are gifting us the opportunity. It is not our job or right to control others and make others see what we see. When was the last time someone tried to convince you about something you don’t believe in? How did that work out? Where you all of a sudden converted? No. You dug in. You were more like, “Heck no.” I want to leave you with that. It is already within you and free. Find it within yourself, be it, and then you will attract it in a way that you don’t even know. It will be an amazing ride.

There is nothing else to say after that. That’s beautiful. It’s amazing. Christin’s book is Her Phoenix Rising. She is writing a new book. Where can we find and follow you? How can we get more Christin in our life?

I look forward to coming back to this episode to see what transpired in this conversation because I know that I have spent most of it freezing. I’m wanting to grab a coffee because this is very inspiring for me. Plugin to my website. It is ChristinCollins.com. From there, there are so many resources. My role of inspiring awakening is to shed light on others’ amazing work, and that is what I try to do each and every week through a weekly email that is a little bit sassy, but it showcases things like this gathering that Debbie hosted.

FSW 12 | Heart Abundance

Heart Abundance: You don’t have to rent out a hall, be on a billboard, or get on a podcast to vomit your truth to others. To let them see what you see. Your truth is your truth.


I was able to put that out to the community. It has videos on there to help you on your journey. There are podcasts on there. There are all content and opportunities to educate yourself on how to find it within, so hop on the website. That would be the number one way to connect, and I’m so grateful to connect with you.

Before I let you go, I have one last fun question for you. You can fill in the blank. If you knew me well, then you would know that I?

If you knew me well, you know that I am loved.

What a beautiful way to end this conversation, and yes, you are.

As we all are.

That is the golden thread that connects us all. It is love. Christin, it has been an honor. Thank you for this moment and conversation. I love you and I’m grateful.


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About Debbie Helena

FSW 12 | Heart AbundanceDebbie is a certified Clarity Catalyst and Empowerment Coach who teaches people how to integrate natural alternatives, including mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools, into their everyday to overcome obstacles, cultivate their internal wisdom, and step into their power to transform and evolve their lives.

She is a certified trainer and coach of the “CIJ Clarity Catalyst” program which is based on Stanford University’s famed MBA Course “Creativity in Business” to empower students of all ages (14+) with practical and proven techniques to discover their next powerful chapter in life. This course is still considered to be the most life transformative course ever taught at Stanford, and now it’s available to you!

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Debbie is also passionate about creating change in the way the elderly and disabled are cared for in many nursing and rehabilitation centers, as well as providing support and coping strategies for caregivers. She believes that this program, combined with other healing modalities, will greatly reduce the number of abuse cases, reduce staff turnover, improve the patient and family experience, quality of care and healing, and save the corporations millions of dollars in legal fees from a decrease in medical malpractice and neglect complaints.

Debbie’s work is inspired by the experiences and tools that helped her overcome childhood and adult trauma, and by the extraordinary and inspiring journey of her mom, Linda. She is a guide to help others see with their hearts and to heal themselves, from the inside out. Anything is possible.