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Interconnectivity: Bringing Together Mind, Body And Spirituality With Ken Harris

To live a complete life, our mind, body and spirituality needs to be in resonance with each other. We need to be interconnected with ourselves and with others. In this episode, Christin Collins and Dr. Ken Harris talk about how to live life to the fullest by bringing together your body, mind and spirit. Dr. Harris talks about how a lecture opened his eyes to and lessons he learned on how to live interconnected. Be inspired by Christin and Dr. Harris as they discuss how to live interconnected.

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Interconnectivity: Bringing Together Mind, Body And Spirituality With Ken Harris

This episode will be one where we’re going to go a little deeper than I’ve gone so far. Dr. Ken Harris has come into my life with synchronicity. He helps me every time I connect with him to learn more about the mind-body connection, interconnectivity and spirituality. Ken, I am so excited that you are here. Thank you so much for taking the time to connect.

Thank you, Christin. I’m honored and humbled to be in your audience and to have an opportunity to share some of my experiences.

Experience you have. You came into my life serendipitously through Josh and Jennifer. What a gift when I was given a copy of your book, which we are going to get to because I think it’s a great tool for folks. I would love for us to start our conversation by you expressing a moment in time where one of your big a-has that shifted you and opened you up to understanding that there’s a realm past the five senses and what we’re experiencing here on this planet.

There have been multiple times of awakening. You might say of piercing through the veil of consciousness and becoming aware that there’s more than meets the eye. There’s a big show going on, invisible, around us and through us. As Shakespeare said, “There’s more to heaven and Earth ratio than any of us can ever totally comprehend.” In my own journey, I had quite a few pivot points, you might say, but the major pivot point for me, Christin, was back in chiropractic college.

I had the honor of being a professor for one year. I was a valedictorian, so they gave me this gift of going back and teaching. I was on the campus and saw a sign that said this gentleman was coming off-campus, not officially invited, to give a lecture. His name was Dr. William Bahan. I had heard of Dr. Bahan’s notoriety through another chiropractor I had a lecture. I said, “Let me go out of curiosity. I want to see what the real deal is here.” I went into this classroom. I sat in the back. In case I didn’t like it, I could quickly get out.

When Dr. Bahan started to speak, I had finally found someone who embodied everything I had been looking for my entire life, but I didn’t know it. I saw a mirror image of myself. I didn’t know I was projecting. I didn’t know it was a mirror of me. I’ll never forget his words. When he started to speak, he said, “We didn’t come on Earth to condemn anyone or anything. We came that they may have life and may have life more abundantly,” but this was not a religious retort he was given. This was his experience as an intuitive healer.

He had the largest chiropractic service. He didn’t call it a practice on the entire planet. He saw over 3,000 people a week at his clinic in Derry, New Hampshire, a little town in the Southeast corner of New Hampshire. The thing that impressed me more than anything, he didn’t have a fee structure. He let people make a donation according to their means. People came by busloads. I went up to that clinic. I got so motivated.

If you make a decision based on fear, it always shuts you down. Never make a decision based on fear.

First of all, I sat in the room, and I started to cry. I came home and told my beautiful wife. I said, “Judy, I met a man that I’ve been looking for my whole life.” I traveled up to New Hampshire and I subsequently studied with him for a period of ten years. I mentored with him. He was an intuitive healer. He had the ability to bring that, which is invisible, into the visible world.

He had miraculous healings happen in his clinic. That was one of the opening points for me that took me beyond the physical. All he did, by the way, was to adjust one vertebra as a chiropractor. He only adjusted the atlas vertebra, the first one, but the results were phenomenal. That was one of my awakenings that I learned that you do less, you get more results.

To the offering of exchange of energy with you pay what you can, and we could do a whole other show on that. Your chiropractic practice, which is why you’re a doctor. I forgot to mention this because I was so excited to dive into a conversation with you. You are an educator, a global keynote speaker, and an author, folks already know because I’ve bragged about your awesome book.

As a background for folks of who is Dr. Ken Harris and why is he helping us find that spark within, one of the things you mentioned that I think this is important is that you didn’t even know you were looking for him. I had my health issues, which forced me to realize I was looking for something else. I marvel at people who don’t have this bomb go off in their life to alter maybe their crevice, rut, mindset and how they’re living their life. Take me back to that moment when you realized I had no idea I was looking for this guy and here he is. How do we help others find that spark within them?

I would say it’s a resonance between you and that which you’re viewing. It’s not a thought or intellectual. It’s emotional. I’m into the point where I was brought to tears realizing, “There it is.” I didn’t go consciously looking for it at that day and time, but I have been a seeker myself. I was asking the questions for once I was a little boy. I remember sitting up late at night at the campfire, by myself, by the way, and looking up at the stars and realizing this is a big show going, “How did all this come into beingness?”

I was asking the questions honestly a long time ago as an adolescent, “What’s the purpose of life? How did it all come into being? What are we supposed to be doing here?” It’s not what Billy Joel said, “A house and a car in Hackensack,” in a song. I know it was more than material acquisition. I knew there was a purpose and a reason for being this, but I didn’t know what it was. It’s not the same for every person. Each person will have to figure out for him or herself what their contribution is to the tapestry of life. We’re all here for a reason, but not the same reason.

Emotion and the other E word that came up for me is energy. Whether it’s a split nanosecond that you’re connecting with someone else’s energy or it’s a lifetime or anywhere in between, that inner knowing of like this maybe makes absolutely no sense. I don’t know where this is coming from, but my whole essence and being is lit up right now because I’m in connection, which by the way, was very much how I felt when I met you.

FSW 7 | Mind, Body And Spirituality

Mind, Body And Spirituality: You do less, you get more results.

You were referred by very good people who I love. When I energetically met you, I knew right away. I was like, “He is a soul brother and a partner. It’s our time to come together.” We don’t get to connect very often, but when we do, I have about 900 takeaways, and energetically you lift me. Could you help me understand? Is it through your chiropractic work? It’s probably through a lot of things. How are you living this lifetime to support the rise of the awakening?

I’ve retired from active chiropractic practice. I had a mind-body wellness center for 45 years. We empowered people by teaching them about meditation, yoga, all kinds of transformational classes. My role now in the “extra innings of my life” is to shine the light so people can see that next step on their path. I’m not here to tell anybody what their path is, but I am here to elucidate maybe where they can see what their next step might be.

A minute or a second in the soul will last you a lifetime. I could close my eyes and remember when Bill stood in front of me and what he said verbatim. It’s not a question of how long you’re with someone. When you know that you know, you know and usually, your body will let you know by being an expansion of energy. The field will increase. It’ll expand. That’s my guiding principle when I have to make a decision. Is this making me more alive and open? Is it shutting me down? If I make a decision based on fear, it always shuts me down. I will tell you this. Never make a decision based on fear.

How do we get in touch with that energy, intuition and emotion? As we both know, there are a couple of brains. We’ve got this brain, the heart-brain and the gut-brain. The way that society and our cultures are built is with this materialism, consumption and distraction. It’s hard when we’re manifesting from the mind versus from the heart and the gut. Take us through that a little bit. How can we get in touch with those energetic emotions to know this is the direction and our purpose?

My recommendation to everybody reading this is to learn some form of meditation training. I’m not telling you which one because there are many of them out there, but start to learn to listen more to your body. Your body will never lie. Your head and emotions can tell you in and out of anything. The beautiful thing about the body, the interface, is the body doesn’t lie. You got to learn to tap in and ask your body how you’re feeling. It’s the feeling realm, which connects you to the soul. It’s not your head and emotions. It’s the feeling.

Especially in the past, a few years now, with all of the uncertainty. You and I both know there’s always uncertainty. We thought we were more in control than we were. This experience, this global pandemic, has been one to create fear everywhere with the uncertainty that again was always here. Take us through how we accept that we’re fearful or become aware that we’re fearful and then choose to shift our mindset out of the fear-based and do it from a place of actualization. What are tools that people can use?

Sometimes fear could be your friend. All fear is bad. If you’re walking across the highway and you hear a loud noise, you turn around. You get frightened. You’re going to get out of the way of a moving truck. For the most part, we’re in sympathetic dominance. We’re overloaded with fear. Everything is fear-based. I hate to say this, but the healing arts, for the most part, particularly in the medical field, try to control people through fear. You have got to get this test or that test. You have got to do this thing. All day long, people are being fed a diet full of fear. One thing I would recommend people do is to disconnect from social media, minimize it and certainly TV. Mainstream media is not in our best interest right now.

Each person will have to figure out for themselves what their contribution is to the tapestry of life. We’re all here for a reason, but not the same reason.

It’s not telling us the truth. There are lots of hidden agendas on both sides of the political spectrum. I’m not taking one side over the other. Remember that if you want to know what a politician’s line usually is when they open their mouth. I am not affiliated with any political system, but I would say disconnect from the outside-in approach and start becoming more inner-directed. The only way I know how to do that is through meditation. It’s a practice like anything else. You become more attuned to what’s going on at the deeper levels of consciousness.

The five senses are do, re, mi, fa, so. It’s very basic, but there’s so much more of us that’s invisible than is visible. There’s infrared violet, the spectrum. We need to learn to turn that third eye, the pineal gland, in and up. You’re going to be directed from a source that will never harm you. Your soul will never tell you to do something out of fear or that’s going to be detrimental to you. We’re in a time of soul time, the get off the TV time.

Thank you for that. What’s so interesting is that introspection, taking the time, we’ll call it meditation for this conversation. I hope everyone knows there are so many different forms of meditation. If we don’t know that, we will gladly walk you through options because there are many. I used not to think that. It’s why I’m making that a big thing because I felt you had to sit and be still. No, there’s a lot of other ways you can look inward.

When we start looking inward, like you said, it’s a practice. It’s not overnight. I’m going to look inward and now all of a sudden, everything’s from that inner place. We all know that. Talk to me a little bit about the projection and the fear piece. How do we understand what is mine to own? Maybe I’m projecting on the situation out of fear, ignorance, or whatever we want to call it. How do I shift to let go of trying to dictate the lives of others and get back to focusing on self?

The underlying principle of projection is you get triggered, either way, positive or negative. It’s the shadow piece coming up that you’re projecting onto the screen. The number one thing I asked myself, if I get excited or upset, “What are you seeing in Christin that you have not learned to love in you?” It has nothing to do with Christin. She’s not the cause of why I’m having this emotional reaction.

It’s what happened to me with my mentor, Bill. I admired him. He told me very clearly. He says, “What you’re seeing in me, it’s not about me, Ken. It’s about you. We need people not to agitate one another, not to follow in a group pattern, but we need to stand side by side and serve together.” I loved that because so many people will get hooked into cults because they project all that to the teacher.

Here’s the bottom line. If you love it or hate it, it’s you. Realize that it’s not about others because at the quantum level of consciousness is the big news. There aren’t any other. You or me in another body having a different expression of myself. That’s how I see everybody. There are no strangers in my world. I meet so-called strangers.

FSW 7 | Mind, Body And Spirituality

Mind, Body And Spirituality: Disconnect from the outside-in approach and start becoming more inner-directed.

I said, “This is a friend I haven’t met yet,” consciously, but subconsciously we’re having a conversation. We talk all the time to each other. On the front of my book, I put this symbol, the flower of life. The flower of life is a sacred geometric figure. It means that everything in the universe is interconnected. We’re all talking and having a conversation subconsciously with the whole of humanity.

If one person has a victory in one aspect of overcoming a habit or an addiction that sends into the field, you can too. It’s a cheering call. The four-minute mile, one guy did it. Now everybody’s doing it. People are getting better from illnesses they’re not supposed to be getting better from. They’re told they’re incurable. Now people are breaking through that wall. They’re opening the door for the rest of us to follow through. We’re all in this together, folks. “This idea of separation is an optical illusion,” as Einstein said, but it’s a very convincing one because our senses will tell you, “You’re over there and I’m over here,” but it’s a delusion.

What’s interesting about my journey is that I was into helping and supporting others. I was absolutely horrible at self-care and self-love. Since we are all interconnected, I was robbing the energetic field of the universe. I wasn’t doing my part because I was so busy thinking I needed to take care of others, by the way, robbing them of their opportunity. It doesn’t mean we don’t help one another, but when all of the energies are going out, and zero is coming in or coming from within, I’m not carrying my own weight.

If we were culture and energetic fields that we all were comfortable in our own skin and loved ourselves, and then we showed up, what a beautiful community. Instead, because we are not whole and comfortable, we are distracted. We haven’t done the healing or whatever, we show up not whole, and then we’re seeking outside of ourselves. Walk me through that a little bit from your lens.

As with you, I was a people pleaser. I always wanted to help other people. I never wanted to help myself. The underlying deficit in myself was somewhere along my pathway, mother-father-teacher-preacher culture, I got the message that I wasn’t good enough. That was the prime wound. Not feeling worthy myself of receiving love, I was looking to give it to everybody else. I had a great challenge accepting love back. There was a lot of shame in me when people would tell me how much they appreciated and loved me.

I’d put my head down and say to myself, “Yeah, but they don’t know all the bad things I did or the bad thoughts I had.” There’s a lot of shame involved that we carry. Those of us like the people-pleasers, the underlying deficit of personality is we don’t feel worthy. There’s part of us that has never felt worthy to receive the love, but you can never be a true servant to another person until you love yourself. It’s taken me my entire life to get to that side. I would say I’ve gone in one lifetime, one reincarnation from a place of self-hatred, almost to the point where I tried to commit suicide to the point of self-love. I’m in a sweet spot now.

When people tell me they love me now, you know what I say, Christin? “Yeah, thank you, but not as much as I love me.” I don’t mean that narcissistically. Honest to God, I start every morning by taking care of my hygiene. I look into the mirror, and I say, “Good morning, Kenny. Do you know you’re a magnificent being? I love you.” I hug myself because I was always looking to get that from somebody else.

Your soul will never tell you to do something out of fear, or that’s going to be detrimental to you.

You got to give it to yourself. You got to learn to get that to you. Embody it and know that you are. That’s the soul talking to the mask, the persona, “Good morning, Kenny,” my soul. “I love you and you’re a magnificent thing.” I have one thing more than that. I don’t have to accomplish anything. I don’t have to prove anything. I don’t have to achieve anything. It’s all good. It’s a process. It hasn’t been an easy journey for me.

When people tell me they had a dark night of the soul, I almost laugh. I say, “Only one night?” I had decades of a dark night come in and out. I can relate. I understand that. You can get to that place in space. Look in your eyes when you say that in the mirror and mean it. It sets a tone for your day that you can handle anything that comes along.

If folks that are drawn to this conversation take one thing away, I hope it’s that. I know that my journey to look in my own eyes in a mirror was very long. There was a lot of shame. It’s taken a long time to release and heal. It is not an overnight fix, unfortunately. The awareness of the direction to the head is the greatest trajectory and leap. It starts to get a little bit easier. Thank you for being so vulnerable and authentic to share your path because that does help fuel others.

We’re all in this together. No one gets to where they are without any currents up and down, a step forward, two steps back. It’s a journey, folks. Patience is the first step. Be kind to yourself. If you want to extend that to another person, start with yourself.

There are going to be like 900 quotes that come out of this. I was trying to write them down. I’m like, “Forget it.” I’m going to re-read this because you’re juicy. I would love to dive into that place of awareness from the present moment. Synchronicities are happening all around us all the time. We’re being guided. We’re being shown the path, but we’re so busy not being here now. We miss most of them.

Your book was so fun because you showcase a ton of synchronicities. I’m not perfect at it, but there are plenty of moments where I’m like, “I can’t even believe that happened. That is so cool.” When somebody I haven’t talked to in three years suddenly calls me, I’m like, “How did you even find me?” all the way to the right person shows up physically in front of me, whatever. Walk me through a little bit of your journey to highlight synchronicity. What your point in writing the book was as an author?

I wrote the book to remind people that they have, on a daily basis, synchronicities. Most people like you say are totally unconscious. The signs and symbols are everywhere. The reason I wrote the book was it kept happening to me personally. I kept having prearranged synchronicities by the spirit world of meeting the right people at the right time and place, without any manipulation on my part. I felt like I was being graced.

FSW 7 | Mind, Body And Spirituality

Mind, Body And Spirituality: We need to jump into the river and surrender and trust. Trust life, it’s intelligent. Nothing happens haphazardly.

I said, “I’ll write the book.” Originally, I said, “It’s my story. Who cares about meeting this one?” It’s a big deal. No. It’s to remind people that the primary reason for writing this book is to give people that understanding that you’re not walking on this planet by yourself. You have angels, guides, higher realms, whatever you want to call it. We are part of a community, of beingness. When people die, that’s not the end of your life or their life or your relationship with those people.

You get it through intuition. You would call it intuition. You get a gut feeling. I have heard voices. I’m not schizophrenic, but I’ve heard audible voices telling me where and what to do and when. What more could I ask for? I wake up every day knowing that every single day in my life, there’s going to be someone I’m going to meet for a specific reason. I believe we’re all students and teachers to each other. Sometimes I’m the teacher to the students. Sometimes the student is the teacher to me. Staying open, from the guy who pumps your gas to the person at the supermarket. I always talk to those people, by the way. I say, “God’s talking through them to me. Pay attention.”

Don’t judge anybody. Don’t judge them by what they look like or how they sound like. Just be open because I believe we’re all having this conversation subconsciously all the time. It’s nice to know that we’re not flotsam and jetsam being pushed from pillar to post here. The last sentence in my book is that at the end of your life, when you connect the dots, you’ll finally come to realize it was never random.

That’s the message I want people to realize. You’re not alone. You’re being guided. There’s help along the way. Stay open. Nothing’s fixed. Stay fluid. Life is like a river. It’s fluid. It moves. We need to jump into the river, surrender and trust life. It’s intelligent. Nothing happens haphazardly. My wife fell and broke her shoulder. What gifts have come out of this? I didn’t panic. I did what I had to do. I got her to the hospital. We did everything. What a beautiful gift we were given? Even though at the moment you could say, “This is a bad thing.” No.

There have been some spiritual gifts that we’ve discovered after many years of levels of intimacy we never had before. After many years, you’d think we know everything about each other. No, we’re still growing. Don’t judge. Accept what is and act accordingly. You’ll be guided. I was guided. I know exactly what to do and how to do it. I’ve never met that circumstance before. I’d come in and find her on the floor crying like that. I didn’t know what had happened at the moment. She was bleeding.

When the cops showed up, they looked at each other. She broke her left shoulder, but the right side of her head was all bruised. I said to them straight out, “Guys, we’ve been married many years. We’re happily married. This is not a domestic dispute call.” They were looking like, “How did she get this?” We still haven’t figured out how that happened. I have no idea how she fell. Anyway, stay open. You’re being guided. Trust and surrender and allow. Those will be some of my advice, if you will.

They’re some of your takeaways, which are super helpful. Before we conclude here, folks, if you are interested in learning from Dr. Ken Harris, which I have been learning now and I enjoy his snippets, I often highlight his words in my weekly email that I send out to folks to offer tools and tips. You’re welcome to go on my website, sign up for my e-newsletter and get more information on Ken. I’d also highly suggest you log onto Ken’s email. Ken, how often do you send out that email? Is it every other week or monthly?

We need people not to adulate one another, not to follow in a group pattern, but we need to stand side by side and serve together.

I only do a newsletter. It’s MailChimp once a month. You can register for that on my website, which is simple, DoctorKenHarris.com. If you do that, you get a five-page printout, a PDF file of the seven types of synchronicities, the six reasons we meet each other, the five questions you ask, like, why is this happening for interpretation? There are four practices you can do to create synchronicities. Some of them are given to us, and some of them you can get through neuroscience manifest.

You give that complimentary if you sign up for your monthly e-newsletter. I wasn’t sure of the cadence of your e-newsletter. I read every one. I’m very intentional when I read it. I want to make sure I’m not rushed. I’m ingesting. I giggle at how attuned we are. You’re always usually a couple of weeks ahead of me. I’m like, “Yes, what Ken said.” Folks, I advise this. I did download the PDF on synchronicities back before I read the full book and what a gift you’re offering. Thank you for that.

The more people will wake up, the better it’s going to be for all of us. I’m selfish. It behooves me to help you to wake up because you’ll be in another body. We want to create heaven on Earth. We’ll all come and give our gifts to each other. There’ll be collaboration and not competition. In one sense, we’re here to tandem climb up and down the mountain together. We help each other.

That’s how I want to land this plane with you. You spend a lot of time in this space. You are a seeker. You’re very open. You put yourself out there for new information. As an entire probably galaxy, but definitely here on Earth have gone through this major shift, and the shift is far from over. You are one of the few people I can listen to and still comprehend to find a little bit of comfort or solace or awareness about where we are and where things are going from a broader level, not like global warming or not of the literal sense. What’s the economy like? I would love to hear from you in closing where we are? Why are we? What are we possibly going to be experiencing?

I would stay with the butterfly where the caterpillar has gone into the chrysalis. In that chrysalis, we become mush. We’re in a mush state right now. We’re in a reformation. We’re in reform. There are imaginal cells in that mush that are going to come out as beautiful butterflies. I believe this pandemic is not a curse. Personally, I think it’s the divine’s way of waking us up and reminding us. We have not been our brother’s keeper. We haven’t been caring for each other the way we should be.

The planet has not been working for the majority of people on this planet. In the Western world, we were insulated, but this pandemic went across borders in a matter of weeks. There was no keeping it out. There are no walls to this pandemic. The deck is getting reshuffled. That’s how I see it. I’m an optimist. I’m not a doomsday. Out of this chaos will come some order. Eventually, you got to take the long view. When I say the long view, it could take a generation. We’re never going back. I don’t want it to go back to what it was.

When those food lines came out and we saw those people standing on the line, I started to cry, realizing these were the invisible people. They’ve been hungry all along, but we didn’t know about it. We weren’t aware of it. I think the pandemic is going to reshuffle the economies of the world. It’s going to create a new understanding that what I do to the least of them, I do to myself. It’s time for us to reach across the borders.

Stay open. You’re being guided. Trust and surrender and allow.

Personally, I’m not one of these people. I don’t want to build more walls. I want to build bridges. This pandemic is waking us up to that. It’s all of us or none of us. If any remain bound, none will ever get free. Let’s start realizing that we’re here as a collaboration, not as a competition. I’m optimistic. I know that in the long of things will be fine. Life can be trusted. Life is intelligent. We have to be patient and let it play out. It’s going to play out. There are going to be a lot of changes and embrace change. That’s another thing, embrace uncertainty and change. That’s where the juice of life is, by the way. If you want to keep things as they are rigid, you’re going to get arthritis.

Good luck with that because the only guarantee is change, to be in the flow instead of working so hard against the flow to maintain some semblance of what you think is control. That has been my biggest lesson in the past few years. You’ve been a part of helping me learn that. Dr. Ken, I can’t thank you enough for your friendship, mentorship, putting yourself out there in a nonjudgmental loving way, always offering, if you could be of service and you were of service to me, and I hope to a lot of others.

As always, Christin, having a conversation with you is always delightful. I always find it enlightening and uplifting. I want to acknowledge anyone who hasn’t read her book, Her Phoenix Rising. I highly recommend it. I was fortunate that I read it when it was in manuscript form. The authenticity and the courage that she had to display in writing this book are admirable. You’ve freed a lot of other people up by being who you are and transparent at great personal risk, by the way, professional and social. Kudos to you. I highly recommend it. This is an example of courage and phoenix rising. She went down and now she’s back up. Thank you, Christin.

I allowed myself to keep my heart open and receive that. I am now freezing and sweating to death at the same time. Thank you for that. All of us don’t know the direction and don’t have clarity. I wake up every day and I say, “Use me as a conduit so I can be me and live my life’s purpose as it divulges itself, but most importantly, to show up and not alter based on other people.” If we can feel others be able to do the same, imagine we will have heaven on Earth.

You did that. By being authentic, you gave people permission to be authentic. That was the takeaway from your book that this was a courageous woman. That’s how I saw you. I love your book. You are a better writer than I am. You’re good. It’s very conversational. I felt like I was walking alongside you because you revealed your inner thoughts. She’ll say one thing and then she’d tell you what she was thinking. It’s beautiful. Kudos to you for writing that beautiful book.

Thank you. I will receive that with much appreciation and love. Come back to Florida soon. Give hugs to Judy and as always, thank you so much for being a beautiful, bright light.

Thank you for having me. Anytime in the future, call me up. I’m always available.

Let’s do it again. Until next time. Namaste. Thank you, Ken.

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