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FSW 8 | Find Your Purpose
Find the Spark Within
To Find Your Purpose Is To Understand Yourself First With Pegine Echevarria


You are put on this earth for a purpose. You may not be refined yet, but you will get there for your purpose. Like a beautiful bottle with candles on top. Wax will continue to drip down into the bottle and sculpt who you are. Find your purpose today with your host Christin Collins and her guest Pegine Echevarria. Pegine is a bestselling author, award-winning businesswoman, and CEO of Power Women Worldwide. She is on a mission to engage, increase, and empower women leaders around the world. Learn how to have a strong leadership mindset by influencing, impacting, and inspiring yourself first. Discover who you really are and be okay with that. Find your purpose on Earth today!

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To Find Your Purpose Is To Understand Yourself First With Pegine Echevarria

It is so much fun for me every time I get to spend 30 minutes with a friend, maybe a stranger but the common thread with all of my guests is that they have helped to stir an awakening or that spark that was within me and bring out something in me that I didn’t even know existed. My goal is I hope this stir curiosity about what already sits inside of you. What is that spark within you that you are already born with that’s already perfect? How can Pegine and I help to bring that out? With that, Pegine, welcome to the show.

I am so excited to be here with you and to talk about this particular topic. It’s such an essential piece of finding the spark within you and reminding people that the spark within you flares up and then dies down. You change, grow, and then it flares up again. It’s like a candle. If you had a candle that’s lit all the time, it would go down, and then you would have to use a nub to light up a new candle. That spark can start in, and that goes down. You would have to take the candle and light another candle. That’s what our life is all about, that continuous lighting of our new candle, spark, being and space. I’m very excited to be talking with you. I love you. It’s going to be a greats conversation.

Your time is so valuable and appreciated here. For those who maybe haven’t had the opportunity to know who Pegine is, I love that she only has to go by her first name. That is how famous and infamous my friend is. She and I had the chance to meet back in 2018-ish to be in a statewide program of leaders within the State of Florida.

I understood that she is a powerful dynamic leader globally regarding empowering, especially women, leadership, speaking, presenting and connecting. She is an author, a very successful speaker, coach, and someone who helps businesses. I was touched because when she and I crossed in this year-long program, I was at that point of the nub, and there’s barely the flame. You are trying to find a new candle that comes over and light that next chapter.

I was at a profound deep introspective challenging point on my journey. You, throughout the year, started walking by my side and gently introducing me to myself. It’s only been after our year-long program that I began to understand who you are and all that you offer the world. It is an honor to be able to connect with you.

You have a much broader understanding of your spark. Your spark is more constant and very vibrant. You have had many chapters, some of your previous roles in life and places you have lived on the globe but take us to one place where you were doing that inner work to find that spark within to step into the next chapter.

I have gone through this transformation for myself, this growth step for me. You, needing me, see me as I am, my hair up here that’s white, in different clothing and color. This is a result of a transformation that I have been going on since 2018. During that same year that you were going through your transformation, I was doing some introspection. I had been speaking on stages worldwide, talking to things, and growing my business. I have had great staff, little staff, great staff and online staff.

FSW 8 | Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose: Allow yourself to understand that you are a true gift from God. If you have children, love them so much that you wake up just to watch them sleeping. Love them like your souls are connected.


There were a lot of transformations going on. Kids getting married and divorced. I was the caregiver for my mom for twelve years. I had this plate running off, “I’m out there speaking. Let’s talk about leadership.” I would come in. “Let me change mom’s diapers.” This was going on. When taking care of the business and mom and doing Leadership Florida, I lost myself and my health. I was going into an exciting path of visibly who I was but also internally who I was.

I have always done meditation, journaling, taken self-awareness courses, and investments in those things. The best way to describe it is I’m like that wine bottle. If you have gone to Europe and wine places, you will see these old bottles where they have put candles in. For years and years, they keep on setting new candles. This beautiful wax drips down these bottles, becoming beautiful bottles of beautiful wax sculptures of new candles. I am a beautiful bottle with lots of beautiful candles that have melted over me to become who I am. I am grateful for that.

In that year, my candles were probably not of the highest quality. Everybody is going to buy candles because it’s the holidays. Probably the candles at that point were under the holiday quality because that candle was me burning, not prettily. I went through a transformation. For me, it was a couple of things. One is I decided to take care of myself by going to the doctor. It’s funny because I hadn’t gotten to the doctor in a year. I went to the doctor to get a checkup.

She diagnosed me as a diabetic. I was pissed off. I knew that I was big and getting bigger because I was the one buying my clothes. I’m the one that’s putting it on. I noticed that. Somehow in my contorted life, I was thought that the world didn’t see me like that until somebody showed me. In Leadership Florida, there was a time where we were in this ranch, and there was one of those electronic bulls and nobody would get on.

I went, “I will get on.” I was the first one on. I was thought I was your size. I throw my thing on and do this thing. I had flipped off right away. My friend, Anne, took a picture of me. When I saw myself, I was like, “Holy.” I saw this picture after I went to the doctor. That was a year later. She did not share that picture with me because she knew I would like to work on my head.

I made a decision that I was going to change my life. There was no way that I was going to go on medication and die. I became a vegan. I walked 3 miles. I only drink water. I don’t drink any alcohol. I weigh and measure all my food. I don’t eat any starches, grains and sugar. People were saying, “That’s pretty stringent.” No, it is taking care of me and pure loving me. I had to depend on my spirituality to be able to be the person I wanted to be. At the same time, this incredible worldwide global epidemic occurred that put us into our homes and locked us down.

Be a beautiful bottle with lots of beautiful candles that have melted over you to sculpt who you are.

At that time, I was dyeing my hair, and I was trying for years in black. My first book came out in 1996. The publisher said, “Women don’t sell books unless they have long hair.” I had grown my hair with these bits of bangs like a little page boy. It was very cute but my hair was so stringy and limp. My bangs would flop up. Until 2020, I have been wearing my hair like that, struggling onstage. I decided I would cut it but still wear the bangs, make this fluffy thing and try to make it into something. That wasn’t working either. Every time I would go to speak on stage, I would go like this with a hair.

During the pandemic, the hair is there, the thing is here, and I get my $7.99 to dye my hair. I’m dyeing my hair every time because I see white coming out. I reached the point where I was like, “This is ridiculous.” My mom hadn’t died yet. She had this beautiful white hair. I’m thinking, “Are you planning on doing this until the day you die, which is decades away?” I went, “No.”

I went to a new hair salon that opened up to get my hair done as a platinum blonde. They turned it orange. It became bright yellow. I’ve got angry. I kept on cutting it on my own. In that movie Coat of Many Colors, I was the hair of many colors. Thankfully, I was inside. Nobody can see me. I bought wigs. It was a disaster. I felt good through the whole thing. When my hair started coming out, it had this magnificent color. I realized how magnificent I was here, the vegan food, hair change, and growing spirituality. I was feeling my awesomeness.

I moved my business online and it was doing well. I was allowing myself to show my love, divinity, beauty and spark. The more I allowed myself to be the beam of light I was supposed to be, the more I was beaming. If I may share it with everybody reading, you are all beams of light. I have had a magnificent life. I have had troubles, triangles and craziness. I can whip out the violin and play it for all of you. I have the stories and challenges. Trust me, if anybody is like, “You don’t know my life.” You don’t know mine.

Let’s be honest that your life is rough, and so is mine. Is your life great? My life is great. I know that I have allowed myself to now understand that I am a true gift from God. You have children, pet even or someone you love so much that sometimes at night time, you wake up to watch them sleeping. You are in such love and awareness of the magnificence of them as a being. They are not doing anything at that moment. You just love them. It’s almost like your soul is connected to their soul that’s floating around.

You are a human feeling that about another human. I do believe that there is a source, divinity, a force within you, and a force that’s around. You can use the term God or Divine One. Use mustard. I don’t care what the word is. The truth of the matter is you have placed here out of millions, billions, and gazillion other ways that you could show up. A guy has had millions and trillions of sperm. One of those sperms happened to meet one of those eggs. For some miraculous, incredible, holy cow moment, they connected and this thing started.

FSW 8 | Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose: People are all diamonds. Everyone comes out dirty and jagged. It’s not beautiful at all. So people start to polish themselves and surround themselves in the right environment. Then they become beautiful.


Not only that, then you were in this tight womb. You were in this gooey, wet thing, and somebody was growing with you and then you decided, “I’m ready. I’m getting out of here.” You pushed yourself. You 8, 7, 9, 10-pound piece of skin, blood, and chubbiness into a hole that is no bigger than this. You somehow forced yourself out of this body, maybe your mom had to get a cesarean, so then it was cut through. They didn’t miss you, and then they lifted you.

Somehow by some freaking miracle, you were born and put into the arms of someone who had no clue what they were doing. This person took you in their arm. Trust me. There were times that they tripped, you went falling, and you are still alive and showing up. Some of you had horrendous, horrible or magnificent childhoods full-on unicorns but both of you have grown up, and are reading this together in this world.

How could you not see yourself as a miracle, and there is a spark inside? How can you not know that you were this beautiful wine bottle when you were born? There have been candle after candle that the great force that owns this wine seller of all these bottles, and candles, somehow keeps on finding your bottle and putting another candle when the light is about to go out and starts it up again. There you are. We are in a global wine cellar of gorgeousness.

You have eloquently and vividly described exactly my journey and the journey that I hope to support in others. Many vibrant, beautiful people have spent decades giving and providing, whether to a business, spouse, mom, and daughter like you have. Suddenly, we get information from a doctor or situation that things are less than optimal. We are like, “I can’t process that because I’m so busy being awesome and taking care of everyone.”

We put ourselves on that back burner. You took me through your journey, which I did know that we were simultaneously going through some introspection. I physically watched you transform over a year in front of me. It’s the fact that you became a plant-based eater in our journey. When I showed up at Leadership Florida, it was the only plant-based eater and certainly didn’t wear a T-shirt or went like, “I need a special meal. I was very under the radar.” When I found out you were on the same path, I was like, “A friend.”

We had a lot of commonalities about that but what you shared is what I’m trying to spotlight and illuminate the spark. That is, we are all unique individuals and all here for a particular divine purpose that’s already embedded and perfect. We are here to live and experience it. Let it come out like a Lotus flower when we are not authentic and in touch with ourselves. We are offered a path and keep getting nudged, bumped over the head or a bottle will fall over until we wake up.

What you described was your awareness of, “I’m not authentically me. I have this fantastic mean of spunky hair that’s a signature. I have a big personality. I wear these cool glasses.” As successful as you already were as a professional, business owner, coach, spouse, daughter, mother, friend, you took it to a whole new level by letting go, taking care of yourself, and embracing who you are.

You are a beautiful miracle. The fact that you were placed on this Earth out of millions and billions of people attests to that.

I want to share with people that it’s essential that in every step of our life, we are as authentic as we can be at that moment because we are at the level where we can be at that moment. We have to learn about who we are. That’s why our wine bottles have so many layers of candles because you have that first experience, and you overcome it or change because of it. It could be that you took courses in college that weren’t fitting you or you didn’t go to college, and then you decided to go back. That’s another candle that’s being lit and put on your wine bottle.

Maybe you get married to somebody you thought you loved, then you got divorced because you realized that was not someone you were supposed to be with. You then find another person that you are supposed to be with. Some of my friends have been doing it five times, finding the right person. Some people have found the right one. Every candle is important. Every meltdown of that candle is critical for your growth. It is imperative. When you think about that wine bottle covered in wax, what it’s doing is making that bottle very strong.

A wine bottle made out of glass is fragile but every layer of wax that floats down that bottle, every candle that gets burned that’s flowing down, is making it more protected. It would be hard if you dropped the bottle like that. It would break because all this wax protects it. I do a program called GEMS: Great Engaged Leaders Manifest Success. I do this GEMS concept because we are all diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds.

Every single one comes from a mine that doesn’t look like it does on your ring. It comes out dirty and jiggered. It’s not beautiful at all. They take, grind, cut, and then polish it down. They put it in a setting. This setting has to be the right setting. Other gems surround it. The truth of the matter is we are those diamonds and emeralds. The only being who knew the energy source that created that diamond and emerald is the one that made you.

We talk about purpose as like, “This is our purpose. We put on our armor, getting our stake in the field and going on our purpose.” That’s not how it feels sometimes. What keeps on happening is what keeps on happening. What do you keep on showing up as your parents said you should be a doctor? You get to be a doctor but hate being a doctor, so you leave being a doctor but you love painting. People say, “You can never make money in painting.” They are not painters, so they don’t know. They are not you. We have to be aware that if you love something, I don’t care, whether you love doing laundry, electronics or whatever it is, that’s what you are supposed to do.

I will give you an example. My husband retired as a chiropractor but it’s not his personality. He’s an amazing caretaker. He loves taking care of the kids and me. He loves it. My kids love it. For years, I was upset that he wasn’t a corporate go-getter but the truth was he knew what his purpose was because, without him, I couldn’t do what I do. He went out and knew that I had run out of my organic tofu. I didn’t ask him but he went to the store and picked up organic tofu for me to have for my lunch. He then went out and picked up the vegetables that I needed to have my food. It’s his mission.

My son owns his home. My son hates pottering in the house. He is a computer geek. Rick works for the Big Bang doing computer stuff, works for the National Guard as an officer. He’s a busy guy. He doesn’t have time to do this stuff. David loves pottering, gardening and fixing. He was struggling. David was getting a little bit bored at home. I asked Kenneth, “Ask daddy to help you. He’s not going to step in your way. If you say you would be in charge of this, he will do it.” He has been out there pottering. He can’t wait for him to win Garden of the Year.

FSW 8 | Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose: To redirect your imposition onto others, recite the prayer of serenity. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” You have no ability to change people, places, things, or situations.


He’s happy. When he’s happy, I’m so glad. When I’m happy, he’s happy. His purpose isn’t to be a billionaire. He has a purpose of loving and taking care of us in a way that only he can do. We are flying up to Boston because my daughter needs a shelf put up. She, her boyfriend, and everybody has tried. I finally said, “Ask him.” He’s like, “I’m going. I’m on the plane. Let’s go.” Other people would say, “He’s enabling.” No, he’s living his purpose.

He is also sitting back. He’s not imposing his will on others. I want to tie that into women in leadership because this was a big lesson for me. I thought that I had all the answers and everything should be done my way. I loved that subtlety with your David where when he’s invited in, he’s not imposing like, “I’m going to come up and put your shelf up.” I appreciate that pause.

Especially as a female leader, and you are experiencing someone as you did with your husband, who you felt, “I wish he were a corporate gangster,” and he’s not, so therefore, judging him. How do we redirect our imposition onto others, channel that energy to the spark within, stop worrying about what everybody else is doing, maybe own who we are, and give everybody space to be who they are? How do you help people do that?

It was a big learning for me when I was running a company. My company had all the staff and people. I found myself working my butt off to pay for their salary and not mine. Why am I doing that? That was not a good model that I had. Here are two things that I know for sure that have helped me. I keep it at the forefront for me.

One is I do say the Serenity Prayer, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change or make you change. I cannot change people, places, things or situations. People, places, things and situations exist. Grant me this serenity to accept the things I cannot change.”

You can’t, people, situations and places. People will say, “Yes, you can.” No, I can’t. It takes courage to change the things I can. I can change my actions that might influence others and my reactions that will change. When I talk about the actions and reactions I could take, there is a significant component. For me, it’s to ask the Divine Universe for guidance. Show me the next right thing and where I’m supposed to go next. People say, “Thy will be done.” For me, it was about surrendering to the fact that the Divine loves me. I am part of the Divine but I am not the Divine.

I have been put on this Earth to do something fabulous but it’s something that Pegine, David, and you are set to do fabulous. I have to ask for guidance. Trust me, in the past, I would want to do what you are doing. I would be the one to tell you how to do what you do and all that but that’s not my job. My job is to stay in these emotional states. That’s my job.

It’s important that in every step of your life, you are as authentic and as real as you can be at that moment.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can change.” I’ve got that. “Grant me the wisdom to know the things I can.” Here’s what I know, I am responsible for recognizing my freedom, for being free to think what I want to believe, for my choices, to know I have a vast array of choices, being orgasmic, to making sure that every moment is an orgasmic joy, “I cannot believe this is my life,” moment.

It doesn’t mean that all the time I’m walking, I was like, “Yay.” Sometimes that orgasmic moment is taking a nap, snuggling under my blanket and putting it up to my chinny-chin-chin, and going into a deep state of pure bliss sleep. That leads me to bliss. My job for me is, am I in bliss? When we talk about reactions, if I’m not having a blissful reaction, I’m the one who needs to take me out, has to change, and step out. I am responsible for being inflow.

Flow means I’m on a freaking inflatable tube going down this flowing place and enjoying everything I see. For me, I choose, “Don’t go down a river. It’s cold and pretty. There are flowers.” For me, that also means that I had a celebration. I have it easy. I get to trust things, have ease and enthusiasm. That’s my responsibility, choice and life.

I choose to be an attractive, manifesting and magnetizing woman. That’s my decision, thought pattern, and what I want. “Has it always been like that?” No. “Is it now?” Yes. I know about that because I have to be responsible and communicate with the people I love the most, which we have been married to for years. It’s an interesting experience for me to recognize when we are pressing buttons.

He came back after being away for five days, blissful, living in the same hotel room. It was wonderful. We drove six hours to get around. We get back. We have bags all over. I’m working, and then things are going in. I had to do my mom’s tombstone thing. We were snapping at each other. I recognized, “This is an emotional thing that we are doing with my mom’s tomb. It’s not just let’s fill it out.” Even though we had a pressure that we had to do that.

It was final and emotional. I had to step back and say, “You are right. Let’s take time and think for at least an hour about what we want you to do. I recognized that I was in my office but he was walking around the house and there was a disorder, my stuff, the bags, suitcases and all that was there. There’s a little bit of chaos and disorder coming through. I have to stop. Did I kiss him? Did I even say I love you or, “I’m so grateful that we went together?” Honestly, I will do that right after this because I’m thinking, “I don’t think I was nice to him.”

You bring up such an important part of the journey, at least in my experience and how I connect with people about staying in an emotional state. We are such immediate gratification, and we don’t want to sit in discomfort. We look for sources outside of ourselves to regulate so that we cannot be uncomfortable. Sometimes that comes with blame.

FSW 8 | Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose: Surrender to the fact that you are loved by the divine and part of the divine. But you’re not the divine. Understand that you’ve been put on this earth to do something fabulous.


I’m going to snap at him or he’s a jerk. I’m uncomfortable because our house is trashed. We are not in a routine, and I’m also going through a tough thing that’s final about my mom’s passing. This is based on my own experience that I’m looking for joy and happiness all the time outside of me. The direction has to be within me, your self-awareness in this moment of what was going on and how things were going, the fact that it wasn’t a great day or moment.

Not every single moment of our breath is going to be fabulous. The more evolved we become as individuals and let go of this understanding that I didn’t come here necessarily only to be happy. That’s not sustainable because you don’t know joy if you don’t know what is not joy. How do we live that middle path? That’s one through being in the real-time motions, contemplating and having self-awareness before attacking spouse on that.

People talk to me a lot about what they are doing. I have a very deep routine daily because it doesn’t just happen. I am up around 5:30 AM, 6:00 AM. I have read a book. I immediately write my gratitude. I’m grateful, thankful and appreciative. I don’t let that go until I have done ten things. I have been doing that for decades. It’s important.

The second thing that I do is that I also have a joy journal. I write about what’s giving me joy and bliss. I need to trigger into me a joyous place. I have this song that I sing almost every morning. It can’t be silly because I love it. It’s a song that kindergarten teachers sing to the kids. It’s a way to get their vibes up. I sing this ridiculously happy, wonderful kids’ song by The Singing Walrus. It’s called Good Morning and How Are You. I listen to that, and it gives me immense joy and happiness.

There were so many topics I would want to touch in with you on. We haven’t even scratched the surface. I want to share your morning routine and bring us towards the runway to land this plane on mindset. What you have described to me, I sat there and said, “Feel your emotions,” then we are all going to be happy, true but you wake up and prepare yourself to step into your day with gratitude, appreciation and joy. That’s vital and the perfect way to start.

Take me into some of your work with leaders. You specialize with women leaders but leadership in general. You have authored many books, and I was so excited to pick up your copy of Called To Lead with you and some of your other power women worldwide. Take us into how you support leaders, powerful people in their mindset so that they can live their most vibrant, orgasmic, beautiful selves.

I live with mottos. In my leadership, it’s, “Be powerful. Be you. You are called to lead.” What that means is to recognize your spark, magnificent and joy within first. You can’t influence impact and inspire others if you haven’t influenced impact and inspired yourself first. For my leaders, I put them through their paces, for sure. I do a variety of things. I do leadership speaking and coaching.

Whatever it is that you love doing, that’s what you’re supposed to do.

I also do the Women’s Leadership Experience, where women come, and I have professional role players. I put them in situations where I’m going to push, prod, and provoke them to puke. The reason for that is like a candle burning, sometimes we keep on buying the same freaking candle over and over again. We don’t push ourselves to buy the more expensive candle or closer to a more powerful candle that we can be illuminated with, instead we stay in the corner with one little candle. I teach them how they think. Most people do not spend time thinking about what they believe.

One of the things that I teach is what you think of me is none of my business. What I think of me is all of my business. When a leader begins to be aware, stop worrying about what they are thinking about you. You can’t control them, their thoughts and experiences, none of that but you can control what you are thinking about yourself. What that means is that you could control and say, “I am the greatest leader I can be. I’m a magnificent leader. I was placed on this Earth to lead.”

We talk about that because I only attract to me what I called Jedi Leaders. Jedis, like the movie. Nobody anointed them like a Jedi. They felt compelled to become Jedi. They sought and were willing to put themselves out there to release and let go. They were ready to face their fears, be transformed, learn new skills, and put themselves out. That’s who I work with, those people who are eager. I’m not going to try to convince you. I’m the Yoda mama to Jedis. That’s how I feel.

The way I do it is I will always teach people mantras and say, “Be bold, brave, seen, heard and paid well. Be feisty, fearless, focused and have fun.” Things that people can readily remember and put into their brains. You may not know that I write and produce songs. Have you ever seen people who watch TV and could repeat the jingles on TV?


Lots of people can do that. My thought was, why would I not teach women to have their songs? For instance, I have a song called Confidence Karma, and it’s on YouTube. I don’t care if women have never heard of me. We will put the music up. We send it out so that you have the song running through your mind. People come to my Women’s Leadership Conferences, which we will have another one in March 2022.

When they come to my coaching sessions, some of the experiences, and hear me speak, my job is to make it memorable and for you to have an unforgettable experience. Many people say that but I need you to remember this stuff during your most high-stakes and hard times. I need you to be somehow pulled from your energy. You say, “No, I’m bold, brave, seen, heard and, paid well.” You have words that can fire you up. Do the spark.

FSW 8 | Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose: To be powerful is to recognize your spark, your magnificent joy within first. You can’t influence, impact, and inspire others if you haven’t influenced, impact, and inspired yourself first.


You described your essence. I told this to my husband after he met you. It was so funny because when I saw that you were offering a couple-day workshop on something, in my head, I was like, “I’m going to sign up to support Pegine.” It was three days. I was plugged in for about 65% of it, which was a lot, working full-time and everything. I was proud of myself. I took seven pages of notes that I immediately implemented two of them. I still have five as resources as I continue to understand my business concept and my message.

You brought all of yourself and experience. You were so engaging and brought in your community. You showcased your community. You brought so much value to my life that I took seven pages of notes. I thought I was doing you a favor by buying your workshop. I appreciate how you help us find our vibrancy with tactical things, practical things, catchy tunes, and stuff like that but it’s usable material. It does enable to move the needle to help us find that beautiful spark within.

The wonder of our connection is not lost on me. We were blessed to go through that year-long program. There were 55 of us. I loved everyone in the program. We would love to stay in touch with all of them. The fact of the matter is we are all busy, there’s COVID, this and that. The magnetism that you put out does touch me. You are a priority for me because you add so much vibrancy to my journey and helping me find my spark. It was an absolute divine honor to connect with you. There are so many pathways that we could go down in conversation.

I’m leaving with that motivation to find that unique spark within, own it, and be comfortable in it. You are a living role model of that. That’s also what you coach. I would love it if you would share with folks how people can stay in touch with you and your content? I will share it with my community as things unfold for you. You have this amazing book about leadership that I would highly recommend picking up. Are there other formats that people can learn from you?

I want to do a little recap for everybody because there’s so much that we talked about. 1) I want you to recognize and let people know that you are the spark. You are the wine bottle with the candle. It’s a never-ending process. I want you to be focused on that and know that. 2) You are not responsible for people, places, things and situations. You are only responsible for your actions and reactions.

Be powerful, be you, be called to lead.

Three, what you think about yourself is all that matters. What others think of you is none of your business. What you feel about yourself is everything. The final thing is, you want to keep in touch with me. There are two great ways. One is that I have a podcast. It’s a membership called Pegine.club. You get me into your ears at least every other day, sometimes once a day. It’s a $7 a month subscription. In there, we talk about confidence, business, leadership, and motivation so that you are filling your ears every single day with short bites of information.

The other thing you could go to is, PowerWomenWorldwide.com which has my Women in Business, Women in Leadership, Keynote Speaking, the information about the book, and my coaching. All of that is there. If you are reading and you know a leadership conference, you are accompanying an organization that needs a speaker, and then you want to bring me in. I am the only Latina, 1 of 8 women in the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. I’m a unique individual. Let’s say that. I will make your conference rock.

Go to Power Women Worldwide. That can lead you to my speaker site. Also, make sure that you are following this show. Every time, Christin brings in people who can inspire you, ignite your spark, help you be your best self, and ensure that you too are a phoenix rising, elevating yourself, and you know that you were placed on this Earth to do something magnificent.

I invite guests very specifically because they have been instrumental in helping me find my spark, which is you. Thank you. We will keep in touch. We will keep putting out your content to help inspire folks as well.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you tremendously.

Until next time. Thank you all for joining. Find the spark within.


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About Pegine Echevarria

FSW 8 | Find Your PurposeBest-selling author, Award-winning Businesswoman, Pegine, is an advisor to US Presidents and Fortune 500 executives on women in business and women in leadership called to lead. She educates women leaders and businesswomen on how to influence, impact, and inspire their world to increase profits, productivity and positively engage stakeholders and employees.

She goes by her first name, Pegine. Pegine is a serial entrepreneur, her current company, Team Pegine, was named the #3 Fastest-Growing Privately Owned Companies in North Florida. At the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Conference, an award sponsored by Macy’s, named Pegine one of three Minority Women Who ROCK IN BUSINESS.

Her bestselling book “Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women” holds a global message for women leaders. Her other five books are on leadership, business, and motivation. Pegine’s business success story appears in 9 books, and her quotes appear in over 15 additional books.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest HR professional society, called Pegine one of 100 Global Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion. She leads Power Women Worldwide, a movement, and training, along with initiatives for business leaders. Her skill in achieving results comes from using content, connections, comedy, charisma, and cadences; she is a force that causes positive results in a truly unique and powerful way.