Clarity with Christin


Immersive sessions designed for personalized support & self-connection
Coaching and Workshops
  • Coaching & Tele-Coaching
  • Shift From Surviving to Thriving
  • Transformational Self-Discovery
  • Personal & Professional Growth Insights
  • Month to Month Sessions


“These coaching sessions with Christin helped me rediscover that I am in charge of my own destiny, and supported me with finding my happiness, love and joy from within.” – Sarah P.

“I needed someone to work with who would listen to me, and help me understand & organize my thoughts and priorities without passing judgment. CC is an awesome listener, as she helped me define my passion and prioritize my life!” – Paul D. 

“Things were good at work and I was overall happy at home, yet something still felt off. This coaching experience helped me identify what was holding me back, and held me accountable to my action steps to shift from surviving to thriving.” – Sandy A.