Global health and wellness executive Christin Collins will be a featured speaker at the next TEDx Westshore conference in Tampa on February 18, 2022. Her talk will shed light on the interconnectivity of health, happiness and abundance. In addition, Collins will share her experience of stepping out of the traditional healthcare arena to reconnect with root cause. She hopes to inspire others to journey within to find their optimal wellness and joy. 

In addition to Collins, Dr. Sheron Brown (Executive Director of the Tampa Bay Health Collaborative), Glen Schubert (Founder and CEO of Instruments of Change), Bridgette Bello (CEO and Publisher of Tampa Bay Business & Wealth) will be among other featured speakers at this invitation-only conference. 

 Collins is a certified workplace mindfulness facilitator, holistic executive coach and best-selling author on Amazon. She offers individual and corporate workshops to combat burnout, increase engagement, and reduce turnover. Collins has received many honors for her philanthropic endeavors, including being honored as one of Gulfshore Life’s Woman of the Year and News-Press Person of the Year. 

 Clips of the TedX presentations may be accessed on YouTube following the conclusion of the live event. For more information on TEDx Westshore, visit