Fort Myers, Florida — Christin Collins, a certified workplace mindfulness facilitator, and an executive coach, took the stage as the opening keynote speaker at the 2023 Kentucky SHRM (“KYSHRM”) annual conference, captivating an audience of approximately 800 attendees. Her presentation, titled “From Frazzle to Dazzle: How to Avoid Burnout and Inspire Others,” shed light on a profound truth: by shifting your perspective and embracing alternative viewpoints, you can approach decision-making with newfound clarity and serenity.

Collins is also the driving force behind several popular programs that have transformed the lives of countless individuals:

  • The Foundation for Transformational Leadership: This program is a cornerstone of Collins’ work. It equips leaders with the tools and insights needed to cultivate transformational leadership qualities, fostering personal and professional growth within organizations.
  • 7 Steps to Rediscover Your Authentic Self: In a world often defined by external pressures and expectations, this program guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery. Collins empowers participants to reconnect with their true selves, helping them unlock their fullest potential.
  • Work-Life Balance…You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup: Recognizing the modern struggle to balance professional and personal life, Collins offers practical strategies to achieve work-life balance. This program empowers individuals to prioritize self-care, ensuring they have the energy and resilience needed to excel in both spheres.

With a relentless passion for exploring the intricate connection between mind and body, Collins empowers her clients to embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. She offers a fresh, unconventional approach that dives deep into the transformative potential of presence. Notably, Collins previously graced the stage at the 2022 TedX Westshore conference in Tampa, Florida, where she shared these impactful insights.

Drawing from her extensive background as a former healthcare executive, which includes roles as System Director of Health & Wellness and Senior Director of Development for a prominent Southwest Florida healthcare system, Collins brings a wealth of expertise to corporate leadership. Her accolades include alumni status with Leadership Florida and active participation in numerous local and national committees. She’s been honored with titles such as Gulfshore Life’s Woman of the Year and the News-Press Person of the Year.

To delve deeper into Collins’ transformative work and explore how she can inspire and empower your audience through these programs, visit or email for more information.