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2022 May 16 Breathwork Empowerment Flyer

What is holding you back from living your best life?

Join Christin Collins and special guest Jamie Linn Stuart, a Rapid Empowerment Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, for an informational workshop on how we can take control of the thoughts that are holding us back from being the best version of ourselves with a healing session.

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You may attend this empowerment workshop live ($45) or virtually ($35). 

Rapid Empowerment Testimonials

“I’ve just been so super-even-keeled since our session. I think I’ve had one time where I had what I would consider sort of a meltdown. But, the next day the nice thing was I didn’t beat myself up about it which is really unheard of, actually, never happened before. I’m just giving myself a lot more space to not be perfect.” L.M. 28 days post-session

“Checking in and wanted to tell you I did my presentation today I didn’t stutter or feel sick or forget. I was actually confident and it felt great!” Cami Martin 48 hours post-session

Coaching and Workshops
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“These coaching sessions with Christin helped me rediscover that I am in charge of my own destiny, and supported me with finding my happiness, love and joy from within.” – Sarah P.

“I needed someone to work with who would listen to me, and help me understand & organize my thoughts and priorities without passing judgment. CC is an awesome listener, as she helped me define my passion and prioritize my life!” – Paul D. 

“Things were good at work and I was overall happy at home, yet something still felt off. This coaching experience helped me identify what was holding me back, and held me accountable to my action steps to shift from surviving to thriving.” – Sandy A.

Are you tired of living through the lens of exhaustion, frustration and fear? Trying to address the same problem over and over again? Wondering what that acute sadness is that seems to come out of nowhere?

This self-guided workshop supports your journey to knowing and loving your beautifulauthentic self!

 If you are ready to see new possibilities, cast your vision for your life, and live it in flow instead of an exhausting struggle…. this is the workshop for you!

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This self-guided workshop helps us shift our mindset, and opens us up to the expansive realm of possibilities!

We explore three key pivots to take us from our current, habitual patterns of behavior and decision-making to open our purpose-driven path to health, happiness and abundance. Becoming aware of the possibilities outside of our divots trains us to spend more time creating habits that are soul-satiating and purposeful!

Get this workshop for only $44!