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FSW 4 | Self Love
Find the Spark Within
Marcy Morrison On The Journey To Self-Love And Discovery

There may be days when you don’t know what to do with your life anymore, and that’s perfectly normal to experience. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no more hope for you. It’s an opportunity to embrace yourself and take control. In this episode, Christin Collins brings on Marcy Morrison to share her valuable insights on self-discovery and the path to self-love. Marcy is a career and life coach and the Founder of Careers with Wings, a network where people can make connections and collaborate to make a bigger impact. Marcy’s journey to falling in love with herself created the platform for how she lives her life now. If you are in a place of emptiness and blankness, tune in. This could be the first step to you discovering and living what you truly love.

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Marcy Morrison On The Journey To Self-Love And Discovery

I have an incredibly special soul sister guest. Her name is Marcy Morrison and she is my friend as part of the Global Purpose Leaders. Marcy, welcome and thank you.

Thank you so much for having me on. I’m so excited.

I have to share with you and the audience that you were one of those magical people in the little Hollywood Squares of Zoom. We’re getting to grow in our purpose through the Global Purpose Leaders and also in our own awareness. You emulated love and light and were the shining Hollywood Square for me and yet we didn’t connect one-on-one right away. This is an amazing opportunity for us to dive a little bit deeper into our shared experience, your unique lens and my unique lens. Thanks for taking the time.

Thank you so much, Christin.

My intention of asking you to be a guest and one of the early guests of this new show is that I see so clearly in you the passion for self-love and awareness. What fun it is when my message is all about that but it’s tiring and lonely. I find when I’m absorbing and consuming your brilliance and beauty that my head bobs. I’m like, “What Marcy said.” What I’m excited to do is to dive deeper into your journey to self-love and how that became a platform on which you live your life. Will you take the community back to a time when you first started realizing that potentially there was a shift for you in awareness of self?

To ditto what you said too on the Hollywood Squares, it’s all about the divine timing when we’re meant to connect. I remember us being like, “Yes, it’s not only me. You and I are head-bobbing.” Reading your book too, Her Phoenix Rising is the same thing. I know you said, “Let’s talk about self-love.” I’m so excited that we are on the same page with that, both have been on our own journeys around that and committed to inspiring other people to go deep into self-love. I’m honored. If I can even leave one nugget to inspire that person that’s reading that maybe is struggling with this then that makes me happy.

From that place, there have been so many moments of self-love, going deeper and realizing that maybe I wasn’t even practicing that. The one that I’ll share that stands out to me is what led me to my second book, Falling in Love with ME. It was in 2013 when I wrote that. I had gone through a divorce from my ex-husband and we were together ever since I was 25. It was one of those things as you know from your book too that we’re doing life, get married, have kids, hold onto pieces of who we are but then realized at these moments that maybe we let go parts of ourselves or who are we at this next phase of our lives.

I was the one that made the decision to leave. However, I went through a dark night of the soul because I had no idea how attached I was to being married and having that. We live in San Diego in LA Jolla. We had the white picket fence, the golden retriever and the dog. When that was taken away, I didn’t know who I truly was without that. I thought that was going to be cool but the beginning part was not because I had relied on that for so long.

However, going through that, I got to discover what’s important to me. Who do I choose to be at this point in my life? The chapters of my book were interesting because I was sitting on the beach and this happens all the time. When you’re not thinking about something is when it happens. I was sitting on the beach and I heard, “Four agreements, four chapters.” It went bam and then I saw like, “I’m not supposed to do numbers for chapters.” My chapters are LOVE because that’s the journey I went on.

First, I let myself be able to discover who I am and some of it would be days of blankness. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing. I allow myself to stay in that space. I am very grateful for a coach and friend that I had worked with during that time, Jesse Gross. He held my hand as I went through all of that and helped me pull out who I am at the core of my soul essence. He said, “I know that there’s this juicy part of you, Marcy, that’s in there. What is that?” I was like, “Do you mean tinker angel?” He said, “What is that? That sounds cool. Tell me more.”

I said, “My friend gave me that name. She said, ‘You’re like this little fairy that flies around, sprinkles happy dust on people, wrap your wings around them and supports them on their journey.'” I go, “That’s who I am.” What I realized when I was married is that I started to get so serious. I’m not like that.” I think of myself as a child that’s goofy, playful, fun and adventurous. I got to thank my kids too because they were 10 and 7 when we went through the divorce. They’re super amicable. Thank God. They knew they were loved and supported. However, I feel that I learned to become a kid again and rediscovered pieces of myself that were lost through being a mom.

I remember my kids seeing this mushroom on the ground. I was in a rush and serious. I needed to go somewhere and they were like, “Mom, check out this mushroom.” I said, “I don’t have time to check out that mushroom.” They said, “Do you mean to tell me that you don’t have time for this miraculous thing in nature?” They were lying on the ground looking at it. I had this moment where I go, “They’re so right. This is what it’s all about. It’s slowing down and taking this time to be in childlike wonder.” By allowing myself to play, be in wonder and discover what was lighting me up, all these steps were such an important path of self-love. There’s so much more to that.

FSW 4 | Self Love

Falling in Love with ME: A Personal Journey and A Guide To Falling in Love with You

Childlike wonder is one of my favorite little sayings. I read your book and my neck hurt after reading it from all those bobs. Being able to hear what’s in my own head and my own walkthrough you in reading your journey which is so similar lit me up so I didn’t feel so alone. There are a couple of little tidbits I want to reflect back on.

You talked about being super busy and super serious being a mom, professional, wife, daughter, community advocate and leader. A lot of us resonate with that. I read about your first night alone after getting separated. Walk us through what that felt like for such a busy woman to suddenly have alone time.

That was super hard. It was one of those things like, “This is what I felt like I wanted to have happened. However, I didn’t understand what that would feel like.” To be honest with you, that first couple of years, I probably kept myself too busy. I had to be doing stuff all the time so I didn’t have to look at it because I did not like that first night. I was not used to being in a quiet house by myself.

I instantly got busy with planning parties, events and outings. There was a point that when I worked with Jesse about a year and a half after that where it was clear that I had no choice but to sit, be quiet and listen. It wasn’t easy. Having a coach or somebody by your side during those times, supportive friends too is key because you’re shut.

I felt like my skin was being peeled off and the layers. It’s so vulnerable and raw. I had to keep my life simple. I did not have huge social settings at that time. I would be with people that I felt safe with. I went from busy to quiet. It was interesting but I wasn’t ready to go instantly to that place. It took me a little bit to settle into understanding that this is such an important part of my journey.

Thank you for that reflection because that’s important. I giggle when I think about it. When I started sitting with self and this word meditation was circulating in the health and wellness space, I’m like, “I’ll try it.” The most stressful two minutes of the day is when I was trying to learn how to meditate. My poor blood pressure was probably through the roof if I had a cuff on. I shared that because you’re saying it took you a while to get comfortable with the silence and I too.

For people who are like, “I don’t know if I’m able to be quiet and be alone,” you’re sharing it took you a while. For me, when I would meditate for two minutes, I had a notepad and a pen by my side. Every insane thought that would suddenly rush up was obviously the most important thing at the moment and I couldn’t let it go, I would write it down to download it and then try to release it.

My practice of sitting with self took me almost a whole year to get up to. It’s in that silence and place of quiet that we have the connection to our inner self where we have our pops. You referenced that you knew you had a book. You knew that it was four sections and they were letters and not numbers. Talk about what it felt like to have that intuition connected and have that pop.

First, it was scary because I grew up in a dysfunctional home and we were told never to share anything about what was going on. We did a great job of pretending that everything was okay. For me to come out of the closet so to speak in that book, as a career and life coach, I relied heavily on my degrees. I used a lot of empathy, intuition and all of that but I didn’t tell people that I was spiritual or a psychic. People have asked me, “Are you a psychic career coach?” I’m super intuitive to hear, see and feel things.

I let it all out in that book, everything. I shared my childhood, wackiness and working with other spiritual experts. I was like, “This is scary because I know that people will judge me.” At the same time, I knew how healing it was for me to share my journey because I probably even judged other people for coming out of the closet before too. However, I admired their courage to be who they truly are and share who they truly are.

The process was interesting. It was one of these things that are like, “I know I have to do this. I don’t want to do it. I do want to do it.” It was push-pull. My coach was holding that space for me. He said, “Start journaling about what’s coming up for you.” That journaling is what led to the book because I didn’t know what my process was going to be until I went through it.

What I realized is that especially as a coach, helping serious professional people that have also gone down the same journey I have, I could help them more if I was more vulnerable and shared my own process. Not that anyone is going to follow the exact same process but there’s this unfolding that happens.

Allowing yourself to play, be in wonder, and discover what lit you up are important steps to self-love.

I know from your book too, it’s the same thing. There’s a little bit of denial like, “I can get through this.” I remember being like, “I’m going to get through this in five minutes. I’m going to go through my journey and figure it out.” It was a humbling experience to have to go that year. That was a year of the dark night of the soul. I thought it was going to be like, “I’m going to be through this.” Somebody I know is a psychologist who helped me put in perspective. They said, “For every five years that you’re with someone, it’s a year of recovery.”

I needed about 4 or 5 years. I didn’t want to believe that but it was true. It was almost like a fog. I was only able to see so far in the fog. About year four or so, I remember being like, “That makes sense now.” I started to feel the integration of who I am and I felt the fog lifting. I’ve learned if I’m going through any transition or anything that it takes time. That’s all it is and you cannot rush the process. That’s the reality, unfortunately.

For a lot of us who are very strong and go-getters, we will our way through life so it’s super frustrating. It’s interesting because a lot of people that I’m connected with are like, “Tell me how to do it. I’ll go do it.” I’m like, “It’s about not doing.” That’s a very weird concept. That’s going to be the theme. Our journeys were so similar to journaling and writing. There was no pressure and there was not necessarily clarity.

Why I bring that up is in your book as well, you talked about using journaling as a tool. I’m forever bringing that back into space that you don’t have to write a book. You don’t even have to know what you’re writing but simply downloading and releasing it is so therapeutic. We show up for our clients, family or ourselves from that place of wholeness.

It’s not that you have to share your story, rent out a billboard and get a microphone. You can just own your story by experiencing it for yourself in whatever way you choose to do it. It doesn’t have to be your badge. It doesn’t have to be angry or broadcast but what’s important in that journey to self is owning your experience and knowing that it’s going to take time to heal from it.

I know it’s so funny asking highly-achieving clients to stop and journal. At first, they’re like, “What?” I said, “You may sit there for the first five times and nothing will come but keep doing it. I promise you that things will start to bubble up and you’ll start even if it’s one word. Love, sadness or whatever it is. All of a sudden, there are these pieces that start to come together but it is a process of patience.”

Everybody is a little different. For me, I do listen to guided meditations that helped me stay grounded and focused. I also do a lot of walking and hiking meditations in nature, where I’m forcing myself to not be on the phone, to be super present to sounds and visual things. You have to experiment with what modality best works for you. It may be multiple modalities. Even going to the beach and listening to the ocean, to me, is a meditation.

Another thing that you shared that resonated was your positivity. You are a very positive person and such a joy to be around. We also talked a lot about owning all emotions and feelings. We’re not just here to be happy. There are days that it’s appropriate to be upset or sad. What has been your experience going through all the different emotions and feeling them coming from that place of, “I’m always the most positive person in the room?”

It was interesting because I realized that that was one of my survival tools growing up because it was so heavy sometimes that I said, “Maybe I’ll be that person that always brings positivity and light.” That’s truly who I am anyway by nature. I’m always been a glass-half-full. My mom would say I’d walk around and start talking to people. She would find me on people’s laps and having conversations with them when I was little because I was like, “Who are you? I want to know all about you,” but I just came out. My mom said, “You came out like sunshine.”

There was also an identity attached to that. I was hitting the fan. I’m going to still put on a happy face. What was interesting is that the protection mechanism did not work for me anymore when I went through the dark night of the soul. I realized I had to get honest with myself, that feeling the feelings of my childhood that I had never felt anger, sadness and disappointment was intense.

If anyone is having trouble with those going into that, what helped me was thanks to a friend. I kept telling her the same story. I wasn’t realizing it but she helped me identify a pattern where I was constantly feeling disappointed by other people. She said, “Marcy, it’s time for you to read The Presence Process,” which I talked about in my book. That book made me so uncomfortable but it was exactly what I needed. In a nutshell, the book has you sit with all of that anger. Sit with it until you get to the deepest core of what that anger is and feel it until it goes through you.

I had never allowed myself. I would always sugarcoat on top of that and be like, “It’s okay. We’re going to have a better day and the sun is shining.” It was intense. What was interesting is I felt like I found my power because it was authentic. “I am pissed off about that. I am sad. I truly am disappointed in that.” I’m not trying to sugarcoat my feelings and also to have very direct, honest conversations about people. “I want to get to positive but I’m angry about what happened and I need to talk about that.”

It was like going through teenage years because I never went through those rebellious teenage years. I was trying to be too perfect all the time, positive and happy. I felt like a rebellious teenager at times. I remember even having to have a conversation with my dad and express things that I had never expressed before. One of the scariest things was sharing my book with him. The beautiful thing is he told me how much he loved it because, as a kid himself too, he had to be perfect and serious all the time. It was this beautiful healing forgiveness. We have a much more real, authentic connection, which is amazing and with my mom too.

FSW 4 | Self Love

Self Love: Learning how to fall in love with yourself takes time. You cannot rush the process.

You can only go so deep with one emotion. We’re multifaceted human beings. It’s interesting to express fierceness even. It has helped me to be a better coach too because I also am able to help other people navigate and give them space to be feeling whatever it is that they’re feeling in the moment. I had to give myself permission to be able to do that before I could go deep with other people.

I know that for the most part, your journey is positive. You’re in that positive space but at the same time, for me where that’s exactly the same experience, it’s from a much calmer, more centered wholeness place of positivity instead of it being so out front. People have reacted very differently to me. I was always this positive but it’s just the super inner calm.

For people who are either going through self-actualization, self-awareness, love or in community with someone who is, knowing the process of it is a hard journey. I don’t know how long it will be. It varies from person to person. My husband and stepdaughter had an intervention with me at one point because they were so accustomed to happy-go-lucky, positive, go-getting me. I spent some quality months a long time in this dark, quiet and sad.

When they talked to me, they were like, “We’re worried about you. We think you’re depressed and we want to help you.” I said, “I love you so much and we share space that you’re walking this with me. I’ve got to sit in it because that’s what it is.” I bring that up because if you’re going through it, it’s like, “I don’t want to be dark and sad. I want to be happy-go-lucky because that is my nature.”

Doing that cleanse or if you’re supporting someone or you’re not having honest conversations, you’re ripping them off from their opportunity to go through this journey. That’s one way I learned to be more open in my communication. It’s, “I disagree with you. That upset and hurt me.” It’s not making it about me but yet bringing it up so they had the opportunity to decide what they were going to do, how they were showing up and walk with me. I think that’s interesting.

There’s another thing that you shared, which I appreciate and is a hard lesson. I would love to know your perspective a little bit deeper on this. The shifting that goes on as you actualize or fall in love with yourself and the people who you’ve been walking with whether that’s a marriage, colleague or family member. Walk us through some experiences for you about what it felt like to no longer energetically be aligned with people that you had been in previous experiences with.

You hit the nail on the head that I feel like I played a certain role. People looked at me for the positivity or to organize things, do things for them or anything like that. As I went through that year, I realized that that role that I played no longer was in alignment with who I am. It was interesting because it’s hard on some people. You realize that there is some codependency going on that I was maybe carrying the load for other people, not even realizing that and maybe having some even connections out of a sense of obligation. Maybe we’ve been friends since childhood and that’s just the way we’ve always done things.

Having the courage to say that no longer works for me. This is how I’m choosing to show up. To be honest, some people fell away and some people said, “You have inspired me so much that I want to continue our connection and grow. Let’s grow together.” It was very interesting. I found that I was even attracted to different kinds of things like different kinds of events, courses, classes and started to find more people that had been on a similar journey too.

We’re speaking a different language with some of the people from the past thing. I would be like, “Isn’t it so cool that you’re able to relate?” They’re like, “What are you talking about?” I started speaking like a foreign language to them. It was so cool to enter places whether it was spiritual gatherings or something. I would be like, “I know that’s a little weird.” They’re like, “It’s not weird at all. Why would you think that’s weird? That’s what we’re all about or what I’m all about.” I felt so alone but I realized on the other side there were other butterflies. My butterfly family was out there on the other side of the cocoon but you don’t know.

The thing is that you have to enter the unknown. I don’t know how you felt but it sounds like in your book, it was similar. I had to enter the unknown because there was no way that I could continue doing what I was doing. I had to go into that path into the cocoon. I remember thinking with my ex-husband, I was like, “I wish he was a jerk. I wish I could say that I left because something bad happened.” It wasn’t that. It was just that we outgrew each other.

It would have been easier to stay in so many ways because we did have so many things but my soul was like, “This is not where you’re meant to be.” I remember going through that hole. “What did I sign up for here?” However, on the other side, there’s never one day that goes by that I say, “I wish I never made that decision.” Especially on the other side, when you’re in the middle of the goo, there are some days you’re like, “When is this going to be over?”

If you can hang in there, the depth of the connection to myself and the people in my life to even the deeper connection to my family, I feel that I’m a better mom. I’m not saying everybody should get divorced but I felt that me recharging my battery and having that time for me half the week, I’ve been able to be a better mom. It’s those self-love days. I’m still practicing self-love when I’m with my kids. It’s a journey. If that’s where your soul is calling you, go for it. Go deep.

Take time every day to appreciate and value who you are.

I have mad respect because it’s almost like I had an easy route because my body was failing me. I had health issues. To not have a jerk husband but just to be that in touch and take that leap, I have mad respect and I find it. I understand that we all have soul agreements and chapters that we’re going to share. It’s all divine and perfect but I have a hard time ending certain relationships that were important to me.

Whether I was the one ending it or the other person was, it is hard to say goodbye but then I try to express to myself energetically. “We’ve shifted and grown from knowing each other for however long that was.” I’m releasing it with love instead of anger, fear or animosity. Thank you for that. I have mad respect because I know how hard that is. For anyone reading who’s like, “I plugged in because this thing about self-love, which you constantly are talking about, I don’t understand how to get there.” I don’t concisely have the capacity to articulate how to help someone on their journey to self-love.

I would like to story-tell and cover different topics but your book was so incredible at being a guide to help someone who needs a checklist. If you read my book and contemplate, you’re like, “I don’t know. I got stuff out of it but it’s not literal.” Your book is a literal journey. As we land the plane on our conversation, I would love for you to share the high-level tidbits on how someone can use your book as a guide for self-love.

It came from my own journey. It came through me and I walked through the different phases of the Falling in Love with ME journey. I call it A Personal Journey and a Guide To Falling in Love with You because that’s what I realized. I go, “Somebody may need to see light at the end of the tunnel. How did Marcy go from the dark night of the soul to the light and through the other side of the tunnel?” I have to look at what I wrote because I channeled this information at the beach.

The high-level overview is the chapters. L, Let yourself find out who you are. A lot of that comes from sitting in silence and listening to what your soul and heart wants to share with you. O, Open yourself to allow more in of what you want. I was so busy, not only being positive but being a people-pleaser. I was driven so much about how do I make other people happy but I lost touch with, “What makes Marcy happy? What do I want?”

A lot of times when I thought about what I want or what makes me happy, I felt that other people would have to suffer because they would have to put their needs second. However, what I started to find is when I honor myself then other people would either enjoy that or we could have a balance like, “What do you want? What do I want?” We can have a healthy balance, not me just over-giving and people-pleasing.

What I’ve learned in my walk with my husband is when I am showing up myself as vibrant, whole and connected, that’s when our relationship is at its height. It’s not weird. It’s backward.

It’s almost the opposite of what you think is going to be. People want us to be real and we want us to be real. V, Value, appreciate and honor who you are every day. They always say that you get into coaching because of the stuff you need to heal. I didn’t understand that at that time. A lot of times, I attract clients who were highly successful and had checked off all the boxes, yet were on this never-ending treadmill to try to be enough. I would be like, “That’s too bad. You’re like that.” Then I realized, “Guess who else is like that?”

I realized that I felt like it was never enough. I needed to do more for people, have more credentials, help more clients and be a better mom. Those things aren’t bad things to strive for but if you don’t feel like you’re enough at this moment then it’s constantly seeking outside of yourself. I learned to start celebrating myself in my Falling in Love journal. “Marcy, you did a great job as a mom. You did a great job with self-love. You went to the beach. You did your walk. You did this thing.”

It’s recognizing even the smallest things that I did. I still have to practice that because it’s one of these things if you’re wired that way. I have a gratitude journal each day, which includes gratitude for myself. It’s taking that time every day to appreciate and value who you are. Also that comparison like, “If only I were just as prettier, smarter, this or that.” Stop comparing and just say, “I am who I am.”

E, Enjoy and express you. It was this playful thing. At first, I said, “People are going to make fun of me because I’m playful.” I know you saw some of the pictures in there. I’ll go to a coffee shop and I’ll have hula hoops. I’ll hula-hoop because I love that. When my kids were little in the book, I showed a picture. I go, “We’re not only going to look at mushrooms. We’re going to play full out.” One of the pictures in there is when we went to Toys “R” Us, which I don’t think is around anymore.

We rode the little horsey things. I was like, “Let’s go test ride.” I was the only parent in there running around the store and riding the little horsey things but it was so fun. That inspires me, my kids and the people in the store. I had to let go of what anybody else was thinking about me and just be me. The people-pleasing is, “I have to make everybody like me.” I decided, “No, that’s not what I need to do. I just need to like me, be me and accept that there will be people that will never like me and that’s okay. I won’t spend time with them. I’ll spend time with my butterfly people.”

FSW 4 | Self Love

Self Love: When we’re out of alignment, everything is so hard. But when we have the courage to be honest, miracles start to happen.

That connection that we’re looking for in other people is that connection to liking self. I do find I still go into this default of taking everything so seriously. I don’t want to look back as I reflect on this lifetime and be like, “I was so busy and serious.” My husband and I are empty nesters. I relocated and did the downsize thing. We’re rediscovering self in our relationship. I love this because he is a serious person too. Do you remember when you were a kid you would get on the cart and ride it? When we were getting out of the grocery store and going to the car, I put him on the cart and pushed him on the cart in the parking lot. We’re having the best time. I’m sweating to death and pushing him away. He is laughing.

We were doing that and someone was driving by. It was 6:00 in the morning. She’s laughing watching us do this. I thought, “That was such a beautiful, simple moment of laughter and joy. It didn’t cost anything.” It wasn’t uber-serious like, “That was life-changing.” I’m working hard to let go and enjoy the simplicity of each moment.

Marcy, I was so excited to reflect with you because you say so many things that I’m in alignment with. What I hope we were able to do if that’s what it was meant to be was to inspire people to contemplate getting to know and love themselves. Self-love isn’t just some catchword. With the global pandemic, we do have the time to sit with self more than we ever have and reevaluate, “What makes me ticked? What’s important to me?” I cherish this walk with you and your beautiful light. How can people stay in touch with you or access your amazing work?

They can visit me at CareersWithWings.com and also email me at Marcy@CareersWithWings.com. I would love to hear from them and continue to spread light and love because I feel that we are all here to do and be what we love, love ourselves and make a difference. The only way we can truly do that is to take that journey of self-love. That’s where it all starts. Before with a career coach, it would all start like, “How do you get that job? Is that job that you think you want in alignment?” I realized that it was going way back.

Stop comparing your life with other people. You have your own journey.

Before we even do a resume or cover letter, if that’s the road you’re going down, love yourself the first thing, self-love and that self-discovery. Often, when I spend that time with people, their goals change. “I thought that I wanted to do that.” That was their achievement brain going. It wasn’t their soul brain. Their soul brain wasn’t kicking. They weren’t fully connected to loving themselves in who they are and being honest with themselves. “What do they want to create in their life and career?”

It’s amazing because as you know too when you make those decisions, synchronicity and serendipity truly start to happen. It’s almost like when we’re out of alignment, everything is so hard. It’s like banging your head against the wall but when you have the courage to be honest, miracles I feel start to happen like, “Do you mean I could do something that includes all the pieces of my passion puzzle?” The right person shows up like you, Christin.

Let’s take a minute for that. The day before I talked to you, I was talking to my client. She was like, “Once we got clear with her self-love, what does she wants to do?” “I want to work in the wellness industry but I don’t know anyone there.” The next day, I was talking to you. I didn’t know your whole story. You were like, “I’ve been in the wellness industry.” I was like, “See? This is how it happens.” I didn’t go try to figure that out. That was just divinely orchestrated. That’s what I always say to people I’m working with too. “Don’t worry about how it’s going to happen. Just be true to you.”

I love that Janet Attwood quote from The Passion Test that says, “Our passions are like breadcrumbs that lead us to our destiny.” That’s what it feels like to me. You may not get all the breadcrumbs. It may take you 1 or 2 years to continue to follow the breadcrumbs. Some of those breadcrumbs are self-love. Whatever is in that journey are meant to go on. Thank you, Christin, for serving as an inspiration to me, my client and all of the people that you’re reaching through your book and show.

Thank you, Marcy. I will tell you that your client inspired me because there’s this beautiful, articulate, amazing woman who was saying everything in frustration that I agreed with. I felt thrilled. She could see so clearly what I was seeing because I was an outlier when it came to how I felt we should approach well-being. She was a gift to me.

I will leave you with a quote that I saw painted at Ponce City Market in Atlanta. “Happiness is the pursuit.” We all think that the destination is when we’ll be happy but we miss the entire point, which is the ride. The fog hasn’t cleared all the way but we’re following the purpose breadcrumbs. All of a sudden, the best-laid business plan, while it’s great to have a vision and cast it to be unattached to it because of the opportunities that have shown up for me, I’m in complete reverence.

You can’t make this stuff up, the people I get to work with and the projects I get to work on. That’s because I got out of the way and I got comfortable with self. Imagine a world where instead of us judging and projecting on one another in all this hate, fear and scarcity mentality but if we all took that responsibility to love self, care for self and realize that everything we’re looking for is already within, we would have a much different globe.

Thanks for being a part of making this world a better place through that. I hope that this touches at least one person with one nugget. They can start that ripple effect of making their world and the world around them better. That’s where it starts, one person at a time.

Thank you. It’s always a pleasure. I love you to pieces. I’ll see you soon.

Thank you. I love you.

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